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NEW SCHOOLS ZONES (effective 2018/19 School Year)

New Zoning Information

  • Zones will take effect for the 2018-19 school year
  • Both middle schools will have students in grades 6-8. Synergy will remain at KMS only for one year.
  • The Open Enrollment process will be determined in mid February and announced immediately thereafter.
  • Students within 1.5 miles of walking to their school will not be bused. The new bus routes will be determined in the coming months.
  • Open houses for the middle schools will be announced sometime in January.
  • Stay up to date by following us on our facebook page (Kuna Jt. School District No. 3) and checking back here on our website for updates.

What Zone are you in?

To find out what zone you are in, click HERE and select the Boundaries button on the top right side and choose either: Elementary Boundaries (K/3); Elementary Boundaries (4/5) or Middle School Boundaries (6/8) and then enter your address in the top left area (where you see the address 711 E. Porter St.).

New Boundary Maps




NewElemZone 1

NewMIDZone 1


Bond and Levy History

A long history of community support

The Kuna School District asks voters to decide on bonds to build/remodel buildings and levies to help fund the maintenance and operations of our schools. Bonds require 60 percent approval and levies require 50 percent approval from voters to pass.






Plant Facility Levy

September 2003

384,150.00 (1)



Bond Levy

September 1999




Bond Levy

September 2000

15,200,000.00 72.41%


Bond Levy

September 2007




Supplemental M&O Levy

May 2009

1,100,000.00 (2)



Supplemental M&O Levy

May 2011

1,500,000.00 (2)



Supplemental M&O Levy

August 2012

3,190,000.00 (2)



Supplemental M&O Levy

March 2014

3,190,000.00 (2)



Supplemental M&O Levy

May 2014

3,190,000.00 (2)



Amount collected annually for 10 years
(2) Collected annually for 2 years Source: Department of Education

Bond and Levy Information

Investing in Kuna's Future

Student enrollment in Kuna schools is at an all time high of 5,400 students! Our secondary schools are OVER capacity and three of our elementary schools are AT capacity. In the next 3 years with the current growth rate, we expect an additional 700 new students.

On March 14, 2017, Kuna voters approved a $40m bond measure to add 4 additional classrooms to Reed & Silver Trail Elementary, Convert Teed Elementary to a Middle School, Renovate Kuna Middle School, Add a new Multi-Purpose Athletic Room to KHS, and build a new 500 student High School with CTE (Career Technical Education) Facilities. They also approved a $2.5m Supplemental Levy which will be used to update Curriculum (teaching and learning materials for teachers and students such as textbooks and electronic resources) , Technology and provide Health and Safety positions.




Projects Overview - 

The district will complete the following projects:

  • Add 4 Classrooms to Reed Elementary
  • Add 4 Classrooms to Silver Trail Elementary
  • Convert Teed Elementary to a Middle School and renovate by adding classrooms and a kitchen
  • Renovate Kuna Middle School
  • Add a new Multi-Purpose Athletic Room to Kuna High School
  • Build a new 500 student High School with CTE (Career Technical Education) Facilities
  • Older Building Upgrades

Estimated Project Costs

Elementary Projects $5 Million
Middle School Projects $6 Million
High School Projects $25 Million
Critical Improvements $4 Million

NO Tax Rate Increase


Total Combined Bond Tax Rates

Total combined tax rate for 2018 will be the same as it currently is. The current tax rate is $5.00 per every $1,000 taxable value. Below is a graph showing the 2018 tax rate and what portion will be spent on supplemental and bond. You can also see by planning on keeping the rate $5.00 per $1,000 that we will be able to grow with the community which is our 20 year plan.


Bond and Levy Videos


Kuna School District - Bond Measure 2017

Kuna School District - Levy Measure 2017 

Kuna School District - Tax Rate 2017


Having trouble viewing the videos?

If you are having trouble viewing the videos, please use the links below to watch them on YouTube.

Kuna School District - Bond Measure 2017 (2 min)bond video

Kuna School District - Levy Measure 2017 (1 min 35 seconds)levy video

Kuna School District - Tax Rate 2017 (3 min 40 seconds)taxrate video




Bond and Levy FAQ's

Keep your questions coming

If you have a question that you don't see answered below, please let us know by filling out our questions form. 

Bond Basics

Q: What is the difference between a bond and levy?

A: An easy way to remember the difference is “Bonds=Buildings” and “Levies=Learning.” School bonds provide funds for large long-term capital projects such as modernization of buildings, new school construction or acquisition of property. Bond funds are generally collected over a 15 to 20 year period. Levies bridge the gap between state and federal funding and the actual cost of operating a school district.

Levies support basic educational programs and services and represent approximately 10 percent of Kuna’s annual operating budget. In Kuna, levies support student learning, health and safety, athletics, activities, instructional support, technology, transportation, operations, and maintenance.

Q: How does the $5 per $1000 tax rate break down into actual costs?

A: If the bond and levy pass, the following is an estimation of the what each item within the rate:

  • $2.64 for current debt payment (this is debt that already exists from past bonds to build Kuna High School, Initial Point High School, Reed Elementary, Crimson Point Elementary, and Silver Trail Elementary)
  • $0.05 for the "Tort Levy" this is the liability insurance levy that the county determines. Neither the school district nor the voters control this number as it is calculated by the county using a fixed formula. This will normally show up as "other" on your county tax form. We use it to help us with the costs to purchase liability insurance
  • $0.75 for the first year payment on the $40 million bond (on the ballot)
  • $1.56 for the supplemental Levy (on the ballot)

 Q: Why happens if the bond does not pass?

A: The bond will help us prepare for for the estimated 700 students who will be enrolling in our schools in the next three years, and it will also help us complete critical repairs to existing buildings to extend the life of our schools. Should the bond not pass, the district still has to prepare for growth and maintain safe buildings without revenue. In order to do this, the plan will be as follows:
  Continue with our plan of moving 6th graders to the middle school and convert Teed to a middle school.
  Investigate modifying our high school schedule.
  Delay critical repairs until money can be raised to complete them.
  Reconvene a committee to design another plan to accommodate the growth and critical repairs.

 Q: Why happens if the levy does not pass?

A: Much needed curriculum materials and technology updates will not be made. District administrators will work with the School Board to reduce general fund expenses by 10%.

Q: Why does our district need a school bond now?

A: Voters last approved a bond measure in 2007 and the district has completed all of those projects on time and within the total $25.5 million approved by voters. Since that time, student enrollment has continually increased and we are now over capacity at our secondary schools and reaching the same at some of our elementary schools. In addition, many of our older buildings are in need of general maintenance updates.

Q: What will the proposed bond pay for?

A: The district would complete the following projects:
Add 4 additional classrooms onto Reed Elementary and Silver Trail Elementary.
Convert Teed Elementary into a Middle School by adding 10 classrooms and adding a kitchen along with other building and site upgrades.
Remodel Kuna Middle School.
Build a new 70,000 square foot high school with CTE rooms.
Add the last addition to the Kuna High School - Multi-Purpose athletic room.
Complete critical repairs at all schools.

Q: When would construction begin on the school bond projects?

A: The architects will work with school officials and the school board to develop a timeline that will have the least impact on student learning. Critical repairs will be started during the summer 2017. The goal is to open Teed as our second middle school in fall of 2018, and phase one of the new high school by fall of 2020.

 Q: Where is the location of the new high school building?

 A: The new high school will be built on 60 acres that was purchased on the North East corner of Linder Road and Columbia Road.

Q: How does the district decide when new schools should be built and when to renovate?

 A: The Kuna School District reviews the condition of its buildings every 10 years as required by state law. This year we had this study completed. The buildings receive a thorough inspection and walk through and are ranked in order of overall condition. The district uses this 10 year plan to help determine which projects will be included as part of the bond.

Q: What will the tax rate be if both the bond and the supplemental levy passes?

A: It has been a top priority to make sure that the tax rate would not increase no matter what Kuna Schools does. We are pleased to report that this bond along with the Supplemental Levy that is also on the ballot, if approved, will not increase the current tax rate of $5 for every $1,000 of taxable post exemption value.

Q: What does “$5 for every $1,000 of taxable post exemption value” mean for my tax bill?

A: What this means is that your tax rate will not change. The state allows a 50% housing exemption up to $100,000. Below is a breakdown of what your taxes would be in the current year and next year if the Bond and Supplemental M&O Levy pass.

 Assessed Value  Taxable Value (after 50% up to $100k exemption) 16-17 Tax Rate (taxable value multiplied by .005) 17-18 Tax Rate (assuming Both Levies Pass) 
 $100,000  $50,000  $250  $250
 $200,000  $100,000  $500  $500
 $300,000  $200,000  $1,000  $1,000

As you can see the amount does not change. However, this does not factor in any changes to the assessed value of your home.

Q: What are the estimated bond project costs?

A: The two elementary additions and other elementary projects are estimated to be +/- $5,000,000.00.
The two middle school projects are estimated to be +/- $6,000,000.00
The two high school projects are estimated to be +/- $25,000,000.00
Critical repairs to all schools are estimated to be $4,000,000.00

Q: How many years is the proposed bond for?

A: The proposed bond would be financed over 20 years.

Q: How will the new high school be named?

A: As the high school nears completion, the district will select a school naming committee who will gather ideas from students and the community as a whole. The purpose of this committee is to submit a list of 3-5 potential names for the new school to the school board. The school board is ultimately responsible for deciding what the new school will be named.

Q: It Seems like you there are still a lot of questions that need answers when it comes to the details behind the bond?

A: The exciting thing about our plan is that our goal is to bring the community together with educators to design the next generation of educational excellence in our community. The work we do over the course of the next few years will determine the legacy we will leave our children, and we need many people to be a part of designing the legacy. In order to create the right solutions for our children, the district has put together the following solution teams to make recommendations to our school board:
1.6th Grade Transition Solution Team
2. Programming Design Solution Team of high school, middle school and elementary
3. Property acquisition Team
4. Rezoning Team
5. Staffing Team
If you would like to be a part of one of these teams, please fill out our questions form and you will be connected to the chairperson of the team.

Q: What Career Technical programs will you offer at the new high school?

A: As of November 2017 - the top CTE programs that have been identified as what will be offered at the new high school are: Health Science, Electronics, Pre-Engineering/Construction, Diesel Tech, Collision Repair and Auto Tech.

Q: What will happen with Hubbard elementary students when Teed is converted into a middle school?

A: Hubbard will be a K-3 school, while Ross will become a 4-5 school. All students from Hubbard will go to Ross after 3rd grade.



Q: How and when will new elementary and middle school boundaries be decided?

A: The Rezoning Solution Team is currently working on a recommendation to present to the School Board.

Q: How and when will high school boundaries be decided?

A: The Rezoning solution team will begin work on defining new elementary boundaries first. Once the program design solution team has determined the focus of Teed (comprehensive middle school or choice school), the Rezoning solution team will establish middle school boundaries. The following boundary process and timeline will be used: Develop boundary options for community to review (winter/spring); Recruit parents and community members for boundary committees (spring/summer); Develop boundary options for School Board review and narrow down (spring/summer); Present narrowed down boundary options to community (spring/summer); Present narrowed down boundary options/feedback to School Board; and School Board makes final boundary decisions .

Bond and Levy Projects

Reed Elementary

Reed Elementary School opened in 2006 and has never had a significant remodel. The school sits on a 16.152-acre site.

ReedLocation:1670 North Linder Road, Kuna, ID 83634
Square Feet: 63,408
Project Additions: 4 Classrooms
Estimated Project Cost: $1,000,000.00






Silver Trail Elementary School

Silver Trail Elementary School opened in 2011 and has never had a significant remodel. The school sits on a 11.24-acre site.


Location: 2950 West Mason Creek Street, Meridian, ID 83642
Square Feet: 65,014
Project Additions: 4 Classrooms
Estimated Project Cost: $1,000,000.00







Fremont Teed Elementary School - Convert to a Middle School

Fremont Teed Elementary School opened in 1982. It was originally constructed as a Middle School. It had an addition in 1994 and an HVAC upgrade in 2015. The school sits on a 24.15-acre site.


Location: 441 East Porter Street, Kuna, ID 83634
Square Feet: 63,983
Project Additions: 10 Classrooms, Kitchen addition and some building and site upgrades
Estimated Project Cost: $5,000,000.00

 Click here for larger pic






Kuna Middle School

Kuna Middle School opened in 1974. It has had many additions and remodels. The known additions are: a kitchen in 1976, classroom addition in 1984, addition and remodel in 1994 and a cafeteria remodel in 2000. The school sits on a 33.325-acre site


Location: 1360 W. Boise St. Kuna, ID 83634
Square Feet: 117,495
Project Additions: Building upgrades
Estimated Project Cost: $1,000,000.00







New High School with CTE Facilities


Location: North East Corner of Columbia & Linder Road
Square Feet: 70,000
Project: 500 Student High School with CTE Facilities
Estimated Project Cost: $24,000,000.00












New Multi-Purpose Athletic Room at Kuna High School

Kuna High School opened in 2002. It has had many additions. A small engine’s addition was in 2005, a classroom addition was in 2008, and the auditorium and gym addition in 2009. The school sits on a 51.035-acre site.


Location: 637 E. Deer Flat Rd. Kuna, ID 83634
Square Feet: 203,726
Project: New Multi-Purpose Athletic Room Addition
Estimated Project Cost: $1,000,000.00








Other safety & infrastructure improvements $4,000,000.00

Listed below are the critical priority by building:





Curriculum ((teaching and learning materials for teachers and students such as textbooks and electronic resources)



Superintendent Johnson's Newsletter


Superintendent Johnson's Newsletter

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Superintendent Johnson's Newsletter...

Rumors, Questions, Feedback


Rumors, Questions, Feedback

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School Alert Text Messaging


School Alert Text Messaging

Text Messaging is just another important tool Kuna School District is implementing as a way to communicate to parents.

District and Community eFlyers


Kuna School District - Peachjar

School and school district-approved eflyers will keep you informed about upcoming school activities, programs, and events.

  • KMS Student Led Conferences - Mar. 1  4-7 pm

    KHS & IPHS Parent Teacher Conferences - Mar. 6  4-7 pm

    End of Quarter 3 - Mar. 23

    Spring Break - NO SCHOOL - Mar. 26-30

    Kindergarten Open House - Apr. 25    2-7 pm

    6th Grade Portfolio Reflection Scoring (K-6 two hour early release) - Apr. 27

    No School (Teacher In Service) - May 11

    KHS Seniors Last Day - May 18

    KHS Graduation - May 24   3:30 at Idaho Center

    No School (Memorial Day) - May 28

    IPHS Graduation - May 30   5:30 pm at KPAC

    Last day of School (two hour early release) - June 1

  • kids hallwayNew Student Registration - 2017-18 School Year

    All new students registering for the 2017-18 school year, can complete the registration packet by clicking the following links which are available in both English and Spanish. If you have any questions, please check out the Online Enrollment FAQ

    KinderlogoKindergarten Registration - 2018-19 School Year

    The district offers a variety of schedules and programs in order to best meet the needs of families in our community.

    Kindergarten registration for the 2018/19 school year will open Feb. 1, 2018.

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    Please help us to celebrate our colleagues and community partners who are examples of practicing the Kuna Way.

    If you know of someone who should receive this award, please nominate this person via the website feedback link.

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