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What is the Civics Test?

The "civics test" means the one hundred (100) questions used by officers of the United States citizenship and immigration services as a basis for selecting the questions posed to applicants for naturalization, in order that the applicants can demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of United States history and the principles and form of United States government.
Excerpt from ID Code 33-1602 (7) 

Who takes the Civics Test?

At Kuna School District, students completing American Government in grade 12 will complete the Civics Test. 


When do students take the Civics test?

Students in this (2017) graduating class will take this assessment in either their American Government A or their American Government B classes during their senior year. 


Why do students take the Civics test?

Completing the Civics exam is a part of the State Board of Education 08.02.03 - RULES GOVERNING THOROUGHNESS. 


Where and when are results available to parents?

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How can I help my students with the Civics test?

For more information visit the SDE site on Civics

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