The vision of the Kuna School District English Language Learner (ELL) program is to help English learners experience success in the classroom and community.

Our program goal is to develop skills in Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing in a safe supportive learning environment.

We focus on collaboration with classroom teachers to promote engagement of ELL students and in learning.

We work to help ELL students graduate with a plan for their future by helping them transition into post-secondary opportunities.

What is an English Language Learner (ELL)

An English Language Learner is a student in grades K-12 that is currently learning English to be successful in school.

Students who have a language besides English spoken in the home are evaluated to see if they need additional English language support to be successful in school.

ELL students are identified by the Home Language Survey which is completed by all parents when new students are enrolled.

Reed Elementary is the ELL school for all elementary aged students getting special English language services. Kuna Middle School and Kuna High School serve secondary aged language learners.

For more information on specific supports and services click here(insert link to pdf here)

How is my ELL student supported in the classroom?

For any ELL student that needs additional classroom supports and accommodations, the ELL teacher at the building will work with the general teachers to write an Educational Learning Plan. This details the supports that the general education teacher will provide to the student which are necessary for the student to be able to understand and engage with what is taught in general classes.

How does an ELL student exit from the ELL program?

When a student scores at least a 4 or higher in all test areas 5 overall on the Access 2.0 test, they start on a monitoring process.

The monitoring process is for 2 years.  The teachers consider grades, scores on district and state assessments, and classroom work samples to determine academic success. If the student does not maintain academic success, a team evaluates how to best help the student, and the student may reenter the EL program based on academic need.

Which tests will an ELL student take?


WIDA - Access Placement Test (W-APT) and WIDA Screener—These assessments are given to evaluate the ability of English Learners upon enrollment. It involves answering questions, having students identify pictures, reading aloud, and comprehension of what was read verbally and in print.


Access to WIDA 2.0—This is a state test given every February to ELL students. There are 4 parts to the test: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

More resources for understanding the Access test

What is Access 2.0 in:  English Spanish

Parent Guide to understanding Access 2.0 score reports in: English. Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Urdu

Parent Guide to understanding Access 2.0 ALT score reports in: English, Spanish

EL Students also take the same assessments other students in Kuna School District take. (KSD Assessments)

What services are offered for EL students?

 Gradiant pyramid

The following services offered by tier could be any combination of the following services:

Tier 4

  • Educational Learning Plan
  • Newcomer Class
  • Small Pull-out Groups

Tier 3

  • Co-Teaching
  • Small Pull-out Groups
  • English Language Development Class
  • Dual Language

Tier 2

Tier 1