Superintendent Message (December 19, 2013)

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December 19, 2013


We have had quite a year. For all of the trials we have faced this year, my continued reflection is best echoed in Helen Keller's message, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Together we will help one another heal through the tragedies; together we will continue to improve our educational system so that more and more students are able to achieve their future dreams; together we will take care of each other. After all, together is part of the Kuna Way.

We have more trials ahead, but I know we will be ok as long as we continue our focus on helping one another.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday with your family and friends. Over the upcoming holiday break, please take time to rest and rejuvenate. I look forward to all that we will accomplish for kids in the coming year!

In service,

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Modern Woodman's Hometown Herotammy mcmorrowpic

"Tammy McMorrow was selected as Modern Woodman's Hometown Hero this year for the City of Kuna. She was nominated by one of her prior students and his family. She was one of six recipients from our neighboring cities selected by Modern Woodman Fraternal Financial. Please help me in recognizing her and what an incredible honor this was!" Brian Graves, Principal IC/Ross

Miss McMorrow's Hometown Hero Bio: Miss McMorrow graduated from NNU and has a Masters Degree in literacy. She been teaching 1st grade for 20 years. All 20 years of service have been in the Kuna School District. Miss McMorrow spends numerous hours devoting her time to teaching children as she is often found staying late and arriving at school before the sun comes up. She has a love for the children in this community as she serves them above and beyond the 9 months they are with her in the classroom. It is not unusual to see her show up at a choir concert, or school function, as well as interact regularly with students she's had in years past. These attributes and many others, really qualify her as a hometown hero!

Thanks For Keeping Us Warm!

"WOW", is all I can say.

We have an amazing support staff. When I came in on this very brrrrr chilly morning, our parking lot was scraped, and staff was shoveling sidewalks, and our great heating guy was checking our thermostats, which this not-so-cold-weathered girl appreciates. (Not to mention all that is done behind the scenes!) We are grateful...really grateful, for all you do!

In addition, we have a great tech staff, bus support, maintenance, lunchroom... I just can't say thanks enough! ~Marie Wallace, Indian Creek Teacher

Everyday Excellence

groupmeetingaroundtableThe follow text is from a letter the District received about teacher Mike Jones:

"I want you to know that you have a truly exceptional teacher. Mr. Jones is my son's math teacher and case manager. A case manager is always available and follows up with my son's other teachers to help them modify his work appropriately. In Special Education it is a difficult balance to stretch the student, but not set them up for failure with expectations that are not realistic. He's got it.

My son said it all in a discussion with his friends. They were talking about not liking math. My son said "you don't like math because you don't have a teacher like Mr. Jones who makes it interesting and fun."

One of the greatest responsibilities as a teacher is to be a good role model. Mr. Jones has my son's respect and trust. Mr. Jones has my highest regard and I feel very fortunate that my son has him at the school to guide him."

Pounds for Public Education

"For those of you that have your own weight-loss goals, we strongly encourage you to join your building's team so that you can help raise money for our district, potentially win your own cash prize, and achieve those goals all at the same time!

All of us from the Kuna Education Foundation want to reiterate what everyone around has been saying over the last few weeks, we are so very lucky to live and/or work in such an amazing place with people who care so much about each other.......Happy Holidays to you all!!!" ~Alyssa Townsend, KEF Executive Director

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 profdevelopmentProfessional Development and Grant Opportunities 

State Offers Grants to Improve School Wellness Policy

Idaho received a federal Team Nutrition Grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2012 and 2013. With this funding, the state will award 20 schools up to $1,000 each to use in developing and implementing an active and effective school wellness policy.

Local school districts, public charter schools and private schools that participate in the USDA's National School Lunch Program are eligible to apply for the School Wellness Mini-Grant. Priority will be given to schools with an active school wellness committee or school health advisory council.

For more information or to download a copy of the grant application, please visit If you have questions, please contact Dianne Esplin, Child Nutrition Coordinator, at (208) 332-6827.

The deadline to mail or e-mail applications to the Idaho State Department of Education is 5 p.m. MST on Tuesday, January 7, 2014.

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