Superintendent Message (November 21, 2014)

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November 21, 2014


Last Saturday, I watched my nephew Mason play in the semi-finals for the 3A Football championship. The game was important to me because Mason was playing in it, but the game was also important to me as he attends my high school alma mater Emmett High School.

As you know, we had quite a snow storm last week, and Emmett was hit a bit harder with snow than we were in the Treasure Valley. Committed to clearing the field and the stands of the snow, the community came together early last Saturday to prepare for the big game. The game was a nail biter. In the cold weather and slippery conditions, my nephew's team lost to Fruitland by one point. No championship.

Defeat is terrible. My family had planned a celebration at my sister's house following the game. As you can imagine, it was not much of a celebration. My nephew played well and even scored a touchdown, but his personal success didn't matter to him because his team did not win. He dragged his weary body and spirit into the celebration room, collapsed on the couch and spent some time staring at the ceiling without saying a word. I could relate--I've felt that same way in the past and will probably feel this same way again in the future.

The good news is that defeat is also temporary. After giving him a bit of space for a while, I sidled up to my nephew and told him the story of my junior year in high school. That year our football team did not win one single game. Our little town even made national news--Paul Harvey reported that Payette High School had finally won a game after a seven year losing streak when they beat Emmett, 35 to 0. As Mason patiently let me reminisce, I laughed with him and consoled that my classmates could only have imagined what he and his team actually made happen by making it to the playoffs--let alone win a game! Our conversation then slowly turned from the day's defeat to the possibilities of the next season and life after high school.

I know this time of year is tough for many of you. The roller coaster that is the school year has taken you away from the crest of the ride, when the excitement of the possibilities of a new year fills you with hope, to the reality that the work we do is hard so we don’t always feel like the champions that we are.

I encourage you to take some time over the Thanksgiving holiday to reflect on the school year by celebrating your victories and naming and learning from your defeats so that you are able to return on December 1 refreshed and renewed with a revised game plan for the months ahead.

I am honored to have you, our kids champions, on my team. Thank you for all that you do for our children and each other.


In service,

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