Superintendent Update May 22, 2015

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May 22, 2015

“Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.” – Nishan Panwar

May is a month filled with celebration. Last night we celebrated as 32 Initial Point High School students graduated. This afternoon, we will celebrate approximately 280 students graduating. Last week we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week by honoring our dedicated employees who work hard assessing student work, collaborating with their colleagues to prepare engaging lessons, instructing students, redirecting student behaviors and collaborating with parents or serving as surrogate parents to the many children who come to us from struggling family environments. Our community is stronger and healthier because of the roles all you play in the lives of our children.

Last May, our community was strongly divided over the issue of the supplemental levy. Ultimately, the community passed the levy because of the belief in and appreciation of our educators and employees. With the loss of state funding to pay for salaries and operational expenses, school districts all of the state have relied on supplemental levies in order to operate effectively, and for those districts who were unable to pass levies, they were forced to cut teachers and staff, cut courses such as music, art and extra-curricular activities, cut days of instruction and implement 4-day-work weeks, as well as institute student fees. The current supplemental levy that the community passed last May has allowed the Kuna School District to continue to serve the community’s children effectively and efficiently. Because of you, we kept our teachers, and the programs that support them, so they could stay focused on improving the lives of children.

So did the Kuna School District invest the $3.19 million supplemental levy funds how we promised our tax payers we would? The answer is yes. The following is an update as to what we promised we would do and how much we spent in each area:

The Promise 2014-15 Levy Accountability % of Total Levy
Category: Salary and Benefits
1. Kept teaching positions in order to keep class sizes manageable
2. Maintained student-teacher contact days—maintained 6 days on the calendar
3. Maintained health benefits and salaries for employees
4. Maintained school-based safety staff
5. Preserved programs and activities for children
$3,063,848.69 96.05%
Category: Curriculum and Supplies
6. Maintained school supply and material budgets
$ 126,151.31 3.95%

In order to continue to improve the board goal of maintaining and cultivating safe, effective, and efficient operational and fiscal practices, the school district’s finance department is hard at work developing reports that are easier for the general public to access and to understand. In the coming months and throughout the next school year, we will begin to roll-out these reports on our website.

Additionally, each spring the school board finalizes the budget. Work on the 2015-16 budget has already begun. In a work session on May 12, the board received an update on the fiscal impact of recent legislation as well as reviewed a draft budget. Yesterday, our district negotiations team reached a collaborative agreement as to pay and benefits for certified staff. The following is a timeline of the next few weeks:

Once the association and board have approved the negotiated agreement, I will provide you all with an update as to the 2015-16 school district budget and the details of the negotiated agreement. To remind you, all school board meetings, including special sessions, are open to the public. I invite you to attend the public meeting and participate in this important process.

Looking toward 2015-2016, my hope is that the District and the Kuna community will continue their great partnership to provide the best opportunities for our students.

Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!

In service,

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