Superintendent Update May 26, 2016


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Inspiring each student to become a lifelong learner and a contributing, responsible citizen

May 26, 2016

“ Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. ” ― attributed to Abraham Lincoln


Thank you for another engaging and impactful school year. I am appreciative of the many things you do to ensure that our students are able to thrive. As I reflect on this year, I am so proud that we have been able to celebrate your dedication and talent through the Kuna Way Awards. I look forward to many more celebrations next year.

I want to encourage each of you to take time this summer to not only rest and rejuvenate but to use the 
time over the summer to reflect on how each of you will continue to improve professionally. Summer is a perfect time to invest in yourself whether that be a book study with colleagues, a workshop at a university or through the district, and/or beginning a new program of study for an advanced degree.

Your Instructional Coaches have shared upcoming professional development opportunities that will be 
available in our district this summer, and this information will be posted on our website soon so check in with your coach or sneak a peek at our website to see what opportunities you have through the district to continue to develop professionally.

I am honored to serve as your superintendent. Thank you for working alongside me as we continue to 
improve our district to provide the best opportunities for our students. May the summer bring you rejuvenation, joy and personal growth.


In service,


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updatelogo Updates

Master Contract Ratified on Monday and School Board to Vote on Agreement Tonight
On Monday the KEA unanimously approved the 2016-17 negotiated agreement for certified staff. Tonight at 6:15 in the Kuna High School library, the KSD School Board of Trustees will vote on the negotiated agreement.

The following is a short summary of the contents of the Master Contract for certified staff:

Work Conditions:
● Modified Sick Leave Bank practice
● Updated travel reimbursement for mileage and per diem to the federal rate of reimbursement
● Removed career enhancement stipend
● Instituted pay for teachers subbing during their preparation periods
● Increased substitute pay from $60/day to $70/day
● District to cover the increase in healthcare costs for all employees
○ Health: Up 3.7% =$118,000 increase to the district
○ Vision: Up 1% = $400 increase to the district
○ Dental: Up 9% = $9,500 increase to the district
● Salary schedule is reorganized into 3 sections based on education
○ BA BA+12
○ BA + 24 BA+ 60
○ MA MA+ 36 / EdSp, EdD, PhD
● Hybrid salary schedule (see below)
○ Provide movement in steps and lanes
○ Career ladder or 2%, whichever is greater
● Took 2015-16 salary schedule, provided each cell with a 2% increase and compared to the state’s career ladder


Classified Staff

● Provide a 2% increase to pay
● District to cover the increase in healthcare costs
● Continue to work with committee to resolve issues with pay which includes investigating a career ladder
○ Will pilot the career ladder concept with a few departments next school year
● Revising board policy to improve vacation leave policy for 245 and 260 day employees
● No percentage increase
● District to cover the increase in healthcare costs
● Movement on KSD administrative career ladder, depending on evaluation results

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kuna wayThe Kuna Way Awards
Please help us to celebrate our colleagues and community partners who are examples of practicing the Kuna Way. If you know of someone who should receive this award, please nominate this person via the website feedback link.





Leading from where you are:
Ryan Olsen for volunteering your time to help a colleague and patron.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Mr. Olsen staying over last 
Friday to help me, help a patron. I was meeting with a group renting the KPAC, Mr. Olsen volunteered to help set up their program. I know that it was well past his designated time to leave, and he stayed until we had completed the setup needs for the patron's program. Ryan is a good man.”

Working hard and having fun together:

Ben Gleaton for your hard work and commitment to helping our community.

“Ben was terrific in helping us get the sound system set up and meeting the needs 
of the community choir. He even went above and beyond in helping us set up our tables and working with Kevin from the Firehouse to set up for breakfast.”

Putting kids first and doing whatever it takes to help students succeed:

Jessi O’Toole and Kim Barker for going above and beyond to support kids in the district through empathy and kindness.

“I wanted you to know that after a couple of at home suspensions and return to 
school, the staff at Ross brought our family in and offered so much guidance and support, and this last time we were able to speak to the counselor, Mrs. O'Toole, who has been by our child's side along with Mrs. Barker and I feel the entire Ross staff/crew and encouraging her to follow a good path. Mrs. O'Toole has given my husband and I matter of fact advice with empathy and kindness. I feel so lucky to know my child has Mrs. O'Toole helping her to learn how to deal with others and herself. I feel so grateful that the school district has a counselor like Mrs. O' Toole.”

Taking care of each other and ourselves:

Cheri Carr for always taking care of our community partnerships with facilities.

“Cheryl is always a delight to work with and was very helpful in reserving the 4th 
Street Gym and making sure we had everything that we needed.”

Preserving our professional capital and promoting professionalism:

Jesse Dodd for this year’s success with KHS Baseball and providing a positive experience for our athletes and being named 4A Coach of the Year.

“The turnaround in the Kuna baseball team this year is nothing short of amazing. 
Coach Dodd took a ragtag bunch of kids and taught them to love baseball again, to work as a team, and to believe in themselves. I don't know if you're done handing out "Kuna Way" awards for the year, but he definitely deserves one for the positive traditions he's started this year.”


rumor Rumor Mill

Have You Heard a Rumor and Want to Know the Answer? Post your question on our website!

It is easy for rumors to get started in light of all the questions and concerns employees and parents have regarding the Kuna School District. If you've heard a rumor that you'd like to get an "official" response on, we encourage you visit the "Rumors, Questions and Feedback" link on our website.


Q. Are we running a levy or bond soon?
A. The School Board and district leaders have been reviewing needs and revenue projections over the last three months. Videos of these presentations are available on the district website and can be accessed at this link.