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Superintendent Update February 10, 2017


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Inspiring each student to become a lifelong learner and a contributing, responsible citizen

February 10, 2017

“No single organization has the ability to solve any major social problem at scale by itself. Collective impact is a powerful approach to cross-sector collaboration that is achieving measurable effects on major social issues.” – Mark Kramer and John Kania

Team and Friends of the Kuna School District,

March 14 is an important date for the children in the Kuna School District. March 14 is also an exciting time for our community. Our community is going through another growth spurt, and experts have predicted that we will have approximately 700 new students in the next three years. While these numbers provide a challenge to our current facilities, the plan the community Task Force created provides an opportunity for our community to come together to create the next legacy for our children.

The Plan
If the bond passes, the district will complete the following projects:
● Add 4 Classrooms to Reed Elementary
● Add 4 Classrooms to Silver Trail Elementary
● Convert Teed Elementary to a Middle School and renovate by adding classrooms and a kitchen
● Renovate Kuna Middle School
● Add a new Multi-Purpose Athletic Room to Kuna High School which is the last addition from the original blueprint
● Build phase one of a new 500 student High School with CTE (Career Technical Education) Facilities
● Complete critical repairs to older buildings in the district to increase their lifespan

If the supplemental levy passes, the district will use these funds to update curriculum materials and technology for students and and continue to provide Health and Safety positions.

The Process
While the bond and supplemental levy provide the resources to address the issues the district faces, the real excitement is in the design of the details. Right now we have many questions. What programs will we have in the new high school and new middle school? Where will the new high school be located? Will we have two high schools that compete with one another or will we specialize extracurricular activities between the two schools? How will we decide who will attend the new high school and new middle school? Will the new middle school at Teed be exactly like Kuna Middle School or will it have a different focus? How will we design 6th grade in the middle school so students have access to more programs but are also kept in an environment that eases parents concerns? What will we do with the 4-5 grade students who are currently attending Teed elementary when it is converted to a middle school?

While I definitely have my own thoughts about these questions, my job is to work with the school board, community and educators to create the learning environments for our community’s children that will best prepare them for their future. I am excited about using a collaborative approach to finding answers to the questions. Our local school districts are a democracy in action--people not only get to see where their dollars are being invested but also get a say in how those investments should be made.

While we have much work still to do, the good news is that we have time. Once we know the results of the election, our timeline for implementing many of the solutions will be fall of 2018. This gives us time to bring our educators together with our patrons to answer the questions collaboratively and thoughtfully, designing community schools for our children.

So how can you get involved in the solution? We have created five “collective impact” solution teams to address our educational challenges, and we need your involvement The solution teams are as follows:
● 6th grade to middle school
● Programming and design of new high school and middle school
● Placement of Teed students
● Rezoning
● Property Acquisition
● Staffing

If you would like to get involved, you can notify the principal of your school or send an email to questions. Using a collective impact model, solution teams will define the problem being tackled and develop a plan of action as a recommendation to the school board. These are exciting times and you can be a part of the legacy.

In service,

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Details about March 14 Election on School District Website
We are making every effort to provide factual information and details on all aspects of the upcoming bond and supplemental levy election so our patrons have information to make an informed decision when they vote. Information on the March 14 election can be found by clicking here.



Community Meetings

Given the success and positive feedback from our Facebook Live meetings, Administrator of HR and Communications David Reinhart has replaced our monthly face-to-face community meetings with Facebook Live meetings that will take place on a variety of dates and times and on a variety of topics. Please subscribe to the Kuna Jt. School District Facebook for actual dates, times and topics. Click here for a tentative list of meeting topics and times.

If you have an idea for a topic you would like to see the district address, please send your recommendation to questions.

KWA January 2017

Putting kids first and doing whatever it takes to help students succeed
Francisco Lopez, Lead Custodian at Silver Trail
○ “Francisco shoveled and shoveled for hours and days and what seems like months. I never heard him complain one time. He works so hard to keep our building running. He is a wonderful person.” Collaborating to solve problems, to make decisions, to reach win-win decisions and to continuously improve to make our system better for kids

Ruth Hammond & Lori Olsen - District Office
○ “When we received short notice, near Christmas, that all teacher evaluation results had to be submitted to the the State Dept. of Ed, Lori and Ruth rose to the occasion to sort through the scattered information, pull all evaluations, and enter information on 324 teachers. This work was done on short notice and with little guidance. These two women live the Kuna Way! “

Leading from where you are
Makayla Greany - KMS Student
○ “Makayla served on the Task Force that designed our ten-year facility plan. I was so impressed with her willingness to offer her advice and opinions while also bringing the voice of the students she represented to the discussion. She had no hesitation to speak in a room full of adults. Additionally, she spoke in favor of the recommendation to our School Board in December. Recently, she has been assisting our team with the marketing of the election. Makayla is the voice behind a short video we are producing about the bond and supplemental levy election. She has put in hours of outside of school time to help her community in this important work.”

Nicole Francis - KHS ASB President
○ “Nicole represents what we believe in our district’s mission - --your actions embody the Kuna Way. We are all incredibly proud of what you have accomplished this year and what you have yet to do to make this world a better place. Thank you for improving the culture at KHS. I was incredibly touched by how you turned a tradition like Tip Off into an opportunity to serve others while also celebrating our school. You will forever have a spot in Bethany's life and the life of her family because of your good works. I also believe that you served as an example to the entire student body.”

Kim Bekkedahl, Kevin Lindquist & Kelly Stephens - District Office
○ “I would like to nominate 3 hard working, positive, go above and beyond individuals. What I appreciate is no one is saying this is not my job but how I can help! Last week at Teed I was so impress when Kim and Kelly arrived to help out with the flooded offices and Kelly's wife Dawn. Their do anything attitudes is refreshing and heartfelt to me. I love the fact I work for a district that worries about all departments and not just about themselves. Kevin, what can I say - He has been positive and let’s keep moving attitude but realize what he needs to do to keep his guys informed and he cares how they are doing.”

Working hard and having fun together
Kristina Kingery - Hubbard/Teed Teacher

Taking care of each other and ourselves
Angelie Bauer - KHS CAST Advisor
○ “I would like to nominate Angelie Bauer for taking care of each other and ourselves. On January 17th our school was evacuated to the High School for a gas leak. All 600+ of us were welcomed with open arms and a plan. The plan included Angelie and her CAST team. They quickly came up with an idea to help entertain our anxious, nervous, excited and curious children ranging in age from 5 to 12. Angelie and her two incredible students took the stage as though they have had this planned for months. They quickly engaged our students in questions, chants and even a dance off for prizes. Our students were instantly engaged and lost any sense of worry. We just want to say a huge thank you for Angelie and her team for pulling together this fun plan and helping us with what could have quickly turned into a chaotic few hours. We love our school district and how we are a team. Always. Thanks again, Angelie!”

Preserving our professional capital and promoting professionalism
Heidi Dalke - Ross Elementary
○ “Heidi Dalke is in her second year of being one of our Developmental Preschool Teachers at Ross Elementary and
Kuna Early Learning Center. She is currently working on her Master's Degree in Early Learning. She is also on the Get Ready to Learn Kuna Steering Committee. She is a part of the sub committee that is responsible for re-instituting professional development through Idaho STARS for daycare providers in Kuna. Their goal is to "Collaborate with preschools and daycares to help them prepare children to be ready for school." As part of this committee, she is presenting workshops for the local preschools so they can help their students be successful in their preschool and when they enter kindergarten. We are very proud of her!”

rumor Rumor Mill

Have You Heard a Rumor and Want to Know the Answer? Post your question on our website!

It is easy for rumors to get started in light of all the questions and concerns employees and parents have regarding the Kuna School District. If you've heard a rumor that you'd like to get an "official" response on, we encourage you visit the "Rumors, Questions and Feedback" link on our website.

Q. What happens if the bond and supplemental levy doesn’t pass?
A: The bond will help us prepare for for the estimated 700 students who will be enrolling in our schools in the next three years, and it will also help us complete critical repairs to existing buildings to extend the life of our schools. Should the bond not pass, the district still has to prepare for growth and maintain safe buildings without revenue. In order to do this, the plan will be as follows:

● Continue with our plan of moving 6th graders to the middle school and convert Teed to a middle school.
● Investigate modifying our high school schedule.
● Delay critical repairs until money can be raised to complete them.
● Reconvene a committee to design another plan to accommodate the growth and critical repairs.

If the supplemental levy doesn’t pass, much needed curriculum materials and technology updates will not be made. District administrators will work with the School Board to reduce general fund expenses by 10%.

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The Kuna School District inspires each student to become a lifelong learner and a contributing, responsible citizen.


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