#KSD Ready & Resilient 2020-21

Updated: July 29, 2020

We plan to welcome teachers back Monday, Aug. 24, and students back Thursday, Aug. 27. 

To help keep students and staff safe and healthy, our Kuna Board of Trustees approved our District Reopen Plan and is regularing reviewing it.

Our plan outlines actions that will be done based on the spread of the virus as identified in three phases: Green, Yellow, and Red. 

This align with Central District Health Department's assessment of the spread of the virus 

  • Green Category 1 - No Community Transmission
  • Yellow Category 2 -  Minimal to Moderate Community Transmission
  • Red Category 3 - Substantial Community Transmission

Hybrid Schedule

You may have seen reports that if schools in Ada County were to open today conditions would be “red,” reflecting the number of people infected, in the hospital, and deaths because of the virus. 

Because we don’t know what the actual level of community spread will be in a month, we will follow our plan to proceed carefully and start school in a hybrid model where students attend in person some days and remote learning on other days. The plan is to remain in the hybrid model through Sept. 30 and continue to monitor the metrics. Ultimately, our goal is to return all students to in person instruction five days a week. 

The hybrid model could look like this:

  • Gold schedule - 50% of students would attend school in person Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Blue  schedule - 50% of students would attend school in person Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Mondays - Digital day at home for all students and “early release” collaboration day for teachers

We will use student last names to create the groups keeping families on the same schedule. Some families have children with different last names and potentially different schedules. We will work with families to keep children in the same household on the same schedule. We will share more details about the specifics of the schedule no later than Aug. 7. 

To help us know what hybrid schedule would work best for you, please take a moment to complete this quick survey by Tuesday, Aug. 4.

We are updating parents and staff throughout the summer. Our current update is here and past updates here.

We appreciate our community's patience as plans change and are updated based on the spread of the virus. 

Schools are creating school level plans to share with families before the start of school.  

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Reopening Plan are posted here.

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