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Response to KHS FB Coach Arrest




As you may have heard through the media, assistant coach Robby Washington was arrested yesterday and charged with possession of a controlled substance. Given the serious nature of the charges, Mr. Washington is not coaching in the Kuna School District.


At this point I have no indication that this incident goes beyond what is known today, but if you have concerns about any activities from the past, please contact Kuna High School administration so that we can facilitate getting your concerns to the police who are conducting a thorough investigation. Mr. Dave Beymer, Ms. Anna Lovelady and Mr. Pete Noteboom may be reached at 955-0200.


Our number one responsibility is to keep all the children under our care safe. In addition to our regular safety practices and drills, the district requires that all employees undergo a thorough background check before any employee is allowed to work.


In reviewing this situation, I discovered that Mr. Washington was hired during a short transition in Human Resource and administrative personnel. Given this, the district will be completing a thorough review of all employees hired during that transition to ensure background checks were completed and will take appropriate action with any findings. In addition, we will be conducting a thorough review of our hiring practices to ensure that this situation does not happen again.


As you can imagine, this news has been difficult for the football team. We are putting plans in place to help support our students who have been impacted by the news and will have counselors available for students to talk with next week. We also ask your help in talking with your students. If they have concerns that our counseling staff can help with, please let them know that counselors are available.


Thank you for your continued support of students, teachers and staff.


In service,

Wendy Johnson, Superintendent




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