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In The Kuna School District, every school offers an excellent education for students. The district is committed to sustaining outstanding schools and fostering strong relationships between parents and teachers. Idaho Code §33-1402 (Enrollment Options) provides parents the opportunity to apply for a change of school attendance zone through an open enrollment process.

There are different windows for open enrollment for the High School and all of the other schools. The dates for the high school are different than the other schools due to acceptance into the ROTC, PTEC or continuing on approved pathway programs at the secondary level.

Applications for open enrollment must be approved annually due to enrollment and space available.
Requests for open enrollment to Kuna & Teed Middle Schools and all Elementary Schools for the 2018-2019 school year will be accepted from:
February 1, 2018 through February 28, 2018.
Approval will be decided for these schools by March 5, 2018.

There is a new question added to the Open Enrollment Form which requires that you attend the Elementary or MS Showcase and/or meet with the principal of your attendance zone school prior to requesting for Open Enrollment. Open Enrollment does not apply to any special programs such as Dual Language (except for the first time), TLC, Special Education or Kindergarten. Siblings are not automatically enrolled into the school if a sibling is in a special program.

Applications for open enrollment must be approved annually due to enrollment and space available.
Requests for open enrollment at Kuna High School for the 2018-2019 school year will be accepted from:
March 1, 2018 through May 1, 2018.
Approval will be decided by May 15, 2018.
Open Enrollment is for full time students only and does not include foreign exchange students or siblings.

Applications are available to print out HERE or to pick up at the Kuna School District Office (711 E. Porter St.).

Once the hard copy is filled out, you must drop it off ONLY at the Kuna School District Office. It will not be accepted at any of the schools. There must be one application filled out per student.

Please be advised that the Kuna Joint School District No. 3 reserves the right to remove or transfer open-enrolled students at anytime for the following conditions: school or program overcrowding, unacceptable behavior, false or misleading information on the Open Enrollment Application, lack of academic progress, or poor attendance. District policy requires that parent/guardians are responsible for transporting open-enrolled students.

Due to growth within the Crimson Point, Silver Trail and Reed school zones, there will be very limited NEW open enrollment applications to these schools. However, the district will do all it can to ensure students who are currently open enrolled and in good standing to these schools for the 2017-18 school year, will be able to continue attending that school in the coming year. If your request is denied, KSD School Board Policy #632 states that this decision is not appealable by the School Board.

We appreciate your continued support of the Kuna School District.

Open Enrollment Q & A

What do I need to do so my child can attend a school not in our zone? You would have to fill out an open enrollment application.

How do I apply for Open Enrollment? You can download the open enrollment PDF from the Kuna School District Webpage. Once the form has been completed, you will need to bring the open enrollment form to the Kuna School District Office where it will be time stamped. Completed Open Enrollment Applications WILL NOT BE accepted at individual school sites - they MUST be turned into the District office ONLY!!!

When does Open Enrollment become available and when is the deadline? The open enrollment dates are different for secondary schools and for the elementary schools. The high school open enrollment dates will be open from March 1st- May 1st. The high school deadline is based on space in specific pathway programs and possible summer extracurricular activities. The elementary open enrollment will be open from Feb. 1 - Feb. 28, 2018.

How do I know my child has been accepted or denied Open Enrollment? High School students will be notified if they are approved or denied by May 15th. Middle School and Elementary students will be notified by March 5th.

If I’m denied Open Enrollment, what happens? There is no appeal.

How does transportation work for a child on Open Enrollment? If you are approved for open enrollment, the parent and student are responsible to provide their open transportation to and from school.

Do I have to apply for Open Enrollment if I am in a special program like Dual Language or SPED? NO for in district students only. Out of district students requesting open enrollment for any special program would have to apply for open enrollment only the first time - after being accepted, they do not have to apply after the first year.

Will a sibling automatically be open enrolled into a school where their sibling is already at such as with the Dual Language program or SPED? If a sibling is currently attending the dual language program they will have to apply for open enrollment. If a student is attending a SPED program, that does not guarantee the siblings will be in the same school. Class numbers will be the determining factor.

Do I need to register for Open Enrollment for my child to attend All Day Every Day Kindergarten? The Kindergarten registration form will have a drop down menu which will allow you to chose which kindergarten program you are interested in. All Day Everyday Kindergarten sites will be determined based on the number of students interested in the program. The students will attend the elementary school based on location of the program and the number of students.