Kuna School District offers a continuum of special education services to eligible students. In order to qualify for Special Education services, students must meet specific criteria as outlined in the Idaho Special Education Manual (2017).   

Kuna School District provides services in the least restrictive environment (LRE) appropriate for each student.  Whenever possible, the student will attend their neighborhood school and be educated in the general education classroom with his or her same-aged peers.  Each school in the district has Resource (RR) classrooms.  Some students may require more specialized or intensive educational and/or behavioral services and supports available at designated schools within our district.  The IEP team, in collaboration with District Special Education Director, will consider placement in locations other than the student's home school if a student requires specialized instruction that is not available and cannot be created at the home school.


Resource Room

Resource Room is available K-12. Students in this setting receive instruction and /or supports in academics and self-management that help them to access the general education curriculum.  A resource room may utilize small group instruction, specialized (research-based) instruction, supplemental curriculum, etc. Some students will be served in a Co-Taught general education classroom, where both a general education and special education teacher are present.

Extended Resource Room

Students with a variety of moderate-severe disabilities, including cognitive impairment or low cognitive profile, in grades K-12 receive the majority of their instruction in a setting outside the general education classroom. Instruction in pre-academic, basic academic, functional academic, social and behavioral skills, and adaptive classroom skills is provided on an individual and small-group basis. Students recommended for the ERR program based on the LRE process are included on a part-time basis in general education classes.

Kuna EXPLORE Transition Program

Kuna EXPLORE Transition Program is for students who are 18-21 who require additional training in life and pre-vocational/vocational skills.  Students in this program have attended 4 or more years of high school but continue to need additional training in order to become more independent, functioning adults.  Students work on personal, social, life, and pre-vocational skills in a classroom setting and work on-site at Kuna High School or in the community to build employment skills.  


The Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) offers academic, emotional and behavioral support to students within a highly structured and closely supervised environment. A wide spectrum of support is provided based on each student’s individual academic and behavioral needs. Students participate in a weekly group and social skills group that will focus on effective communication and interpersonal skills, plus replacement behavioral change, symptom management, and overall coping skills.

Kuna Early Learning Center

The  Kuna Early Learning Center provides quality teaching and learning that  promotes school readiness by  focusing on the following areas of development: Physical Development and Health, Social and Emotional Development, Approaches to Learning, Language Development, Literacy Knowledge and Skills, English Language Development, Mathematics Knowledge and Skills, Science Knowledge and Skills, Social Studies Knowledge and Skills, and Logic and Reasoning.