The purpose of identification is not to label a student, but to recognize and respond to the educational needs of gifted, talented, and highly advanced students. All students are considered candidates for possible screening and identification assessments.

Decisions to implement additional tiered supports and/or placements are based on data and documentation regarding individual student abilities, needs, and available options. Multiple criteria are used for eligibility, utilizing formal and informal measures, and documentation of specific student needs and interests.


STEP 1: Determine Referral Path - There are multiple paths by which a student may be referred:

A) Review Assessments - Universal Screeners, ISAT for all students to consider advanced academic support
(Students above the 90th percentile may be considered)

B) Parent Nomination and/or Teacher Recommendation 

STEP 2: Collect Evidence - Record results on the Qualification Matrix

STEP 3: MTSS Advanced Learner Team Meets - Review/Determine need for Formal Criteria assessments 

(Obtain Parent Consent to Assess if warranted)

STEP 4: MTSS Advanced Learner Team Meets - Review results and determine eligibility


STEP 5: MTSS Advanced Learner Team meets with parents - Review results and finalize recommendation

STEP 6: Code as Gifted & Talented in Tyler SIS if student meets criteria

Decision Rule:
For purposes of classification as Gifted/Talented, all informal criteria, academic performance, and formal criteria will be recorded and given a rating of EXTREME, CONSIDERABLE, or STRONG evidence of giftedness on the Qualification Matrix. Students will be considered for support in the tier with the most evidence. Tier 3 and Tier 4 placements require an I-Plan.