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schoology logo wWhat is Schoology?

Schoology is Kuna School District’s new learning management system. It is much more than a gradebook. Schoology allows teachers to create assignments that engage students in online learning experiences. It also allows teachers to grade assignments using electronic tools and automated scoring. Schoology opens a whole new world of tools for teaching, learning and communicating in our district.

Why does Kuna School District need Schoology?

The internet hosts a wealth of valuable content to teach students. Also, new curriculum almost always has an online component today. A learning management system like Schoology allows teachers to organize their electronic classroom. Our whole district has a lot to learn in order to utilize all of the features of Schoology, but we are excited to be on our way in preparing our students for learning in an electronic world. All colleges today use a learning management system of some kind.


How can Parents see student grades?

Go to
Using your FamilyLink sign in information, enter your username and password.
In the School or postal code field, Type in Kuna. Then Select Kuna School District.
Watch this Parent Tutorial to navigate through the different features of Schoology.
Need help? Call 922-1000 or your local school.

Staff and students should use the Following Schoology Link to login NOT the one above. 

Will parents still need to look at Family Link?

Parents and teachers will still need to use Family Link to check attendance. We are presently in a transition period. Next year, we will be upgrading the Family Link software. When we do this, it will be more connected to Schoology and allow parents and teachers to log in to just one place.


What can I still access in Family Link?

Assessments: Click to view the student assessment scores grouped by grade level, then by date. Use the links at the top to jump to any available grade level. 

Attendance: Click to view the student's attendance records in the Calendar View; the current day is highlighted in yellow, non-school days are light gray, and calendar days not in the school calendar are yellow green. Click a day to see attendance Period/Code information; then click the Close button (or use the browser Return arrow, or press the Escape key) to return to the attendance calendar.reportcard

Contact Information:
Click to view the student's contacts. Only adults logged in see contact details; only students logged in see the locker combination. 

Course Request: Use by secondary students to request classes during spring registration.

Fees and Payments: Click to view the student's fees/fines and payments. 

GPA History: Click to view the secondary student's GPA History and Class Rank Guidance: Click to view the student's guidance records

Report Cards: Click to view the student's latest report card for elementary, secondary, and standards from the office marks file. Grades displayed are not final until the end of the grading term.

Transcript: Click to view the student's transcript. Records are arranged by year; if the student has multiple years, a drop down list appears at the top for quicker navigation.

Vaccinations: Click to view the student's immunization records.

Click Here: Schoology Link Login

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