Poetry Unit

Read and Enjoy Poetry

All of the work you will be doing is on this page.  Print anything you need.  

  1. Poetry Unit Contract   


          2. Poetry Scavenger Hunt                    Student Answer sheet


          3. Poem form Worksheets All of the forms for the poetry unit contract are here.                          They are in the order that is on the table of contents sheet.  Just go to one you                      need and print it off.

           4. Poetry Terms-worksheet




  1. An online site for writing poetry

          2.Michael Clay Thompson's Poetry Elements (useful for terms and definitions of poetry)


          3. Poetry examples-  help for various forms and ideas for writing your own form poety.


           4.. Websites for reading poetry:

               Poems to read Click on any of the poems listed and enjoy! Excellent site!!


               http://www.kristinegeorge.com/swimming_upstream.html Audio poems for Middle        

               School kids.



Updated: May 5, 2010