• NegotiationsNegotiations

    The Kuna Education Association (KEA) representatives are selected by the association and district administration representatives are selected by the board of trustees chairperson and the superintendent.

    The team meets for however many meetings it takes to come to agreed-upon contracts for the school year. 

    The team will meet the first Tuesday of the month from 4 to 5 p.m. at the Kuna School District office, 711 E. Porter St., and may call additional meetings as needed.   

    The 2022-23 Negotiations Team:

    • Joy Thomas, Vice Chair, Kuna Board of Trustees
    • Wendy Johnson, Superintendent
    • Brian Graves, Director of School Services & HR
    • Elmira Feather, Chief Finance Officer
    • Sara Browning, Indian Creek Elementary teacher
    • Kelee Robinson, Kuna High School teacher
    • Neva Noe, Fremont Middle School teacher
    • Melissa Nielsen, Silver Trail Elementary teacher
    • Kelly Walton, Facilitator

    Agendas & Meeting Notes for 2022-23: