Logo for synergy program
  • Synergy is program offered for grades 6 through 8 housed at Fremont Middle School.

    Students learn in a Problem-Based-Learning (PBL) environment with flexible pacing and combined grade levels that focuses on integrating all four core subjects (Math, ELA, History, and Science) into one Project. Student work is tied toward one overarching theme at a time.

    Students work individually and in small groups to answer questions that may not have clear or definitive answers. Their answers to these questions come in the form of products the students create and publicly present. This type of work, as well as all of the PBL work throughout the school, prepares students for 21st century careers by teaching them the skills of collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and invention, global awareness, as well as information and technology awareness and the importance of public presentation. The goal is for students to learn to manage their own learning in a self-directed manner.

    Synergy is based on a model of education called Mastery Based Education. In this model, students show evidence of mastery of a concept before moving to the next concept. Students create individualized learning plans with a teacher mentor to help them pace their learning progress. The Synergy program covers the same district middle school curriculum guided by the Idaho State Content Standards in a different delivery model.

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