• Superintendent's Advisory Council

    The Purpose of the Kuna School District Superintendent's Advisory Council is to...

    1. identify common needs and goals among all those invested in the district (parents, students, community, employees) in Kuna School District. 
    2. provide feedback and insight from both the parent’s perspective and the student’s perspective on school process, policies, and initiatives to ensure that the needs of parents, students and their families are included as decisions that are made in the district.
    3. address existing and emerging issues expressed by parents and students at the school they represent.
    4. serve as an advisory body that makes recommendations, encourages brainstorming and provides opportunities for parent and student involvement in a variety of topics such as preparation for college, career and citizenship, needs of teachers and other system improvement ideas. 
    5. facilitate communication between and among the parents, parent organizations and students from all district schools.
    6. serve as a forum for sharing innovations and best practices from around the district.
    7. to serve as a liaison between the school and the district to make sure that a strong input and feedback loop exists
    8. assist the School Board in enacting its mission and vision.

2021-22 Meeting Information