Trustee Elections

  • November 2, 2021 Election

    In Idaho, school board elections are held on "odd" number years in November. 
    By law, elections for the five trustee positions are staggered so an entire board will not be on a single ballot. 
    Which Board of Trustees positions are on the November 2, 2021 ballot?
    Trustee Zones 3 and 4 are up for election. Individuals elected would begin their four-year term in January 2022.
    Who is running for the positions?
    Zone 3 Candidates
    • Sallie McArthur
    • Eleanor Hurst
    • Kyrsti Bruce 

    Zone 4 Candidates

    • Kim Nixon
    • Mike Ambler
    Who can vote in the election?
    Only registered voters who live in Zone 3 or Zone 4 may vote for the individuals running for trustee for their zone. 
    Idaho allows individuals 18 and older to register to vote on election day. 
    How do I know if I live in Zone 3 or Zone 4? 
    Below are links to PDF files of Zone 3 & Zone 4 boundaries. We recommend you also check with the election department in the county where you live to confirm. 
    Our Ada and Canyon county election departments will be updating their online information soon in preparation for the Nov. 2 Election. 
    You may contact them here: 
    Ada County Elections Office  
    400 N Benjamin Ln. Ste 100
    Boise ID 83704
    Call: (208) 287-6860
    Canyon County Elections Office  
    1102 E. Chicago St.
    Caldwell, ID 83605 
    Call: (208) 454-7562
    Zone Maps PDFs:

    Is vote by mail or absentee voting allow in this election? 

    Yes. Ballots may be requested online. 
    The deadline to request a ballot be mailed to you is 5 p.m. Oct. 22.
    Emergency absentee ballot because of hospitalization County clerks may receive emergency absentee ballot applications through 5 p.m. on November 1 from those who cannot be present for voting due to hospitalization if hospitalization began after 5 p.m. on October 22. [§34-1002A, Idaho Code]
    Ballots must be received by the clerk in your county by 8 p.m. Nov. 2.
    Is early in person voting available? 
    This option is set by each county. Please check with your county's election:
    Canyon County Elections
    Are there other items on the Nov. 2 ballot?
    There is no levy or bond measure on the ballot.
    Depending on where you reside, there are city elections and other "special district" elections.