• Kuna School District Driver's Education Program

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    Phillips Driving school has been contracted to provide driver's education for the students in the Kuna School District. Please CAREFULLY read the following information to enroll.
    • Prior to registration, the student must apply for an Instruction Permit at the DMV. (See Instruction Permit information below). Keep your receipt from the DMV as proof. Tell the DMV clerk that your student will be going through Phillips Driving School. 
    • To register, please go to Phillips Driving School and choose Register for Kuna School District.
    • Please DO NOT apply for Advanced Opportunity/Fast Forward funding. The career counselor at KHS will take care of the Advanced Opportunity/Fast Forward application. 
    • *****Please Note.*****  If you have used that funding for a class and didn't pass, you will have to pay out of pocket for a class before future funds are available to you. These are the funds policy.
    • A mandatory orientation will be held each month prior to the class starting time. Please plan to be their or your spot will be given to someone on the waiting list.

    Class Time:

    • Class sessions will be offered each month.
    • Class is held online. The students who are enrolled will be given the login information at orientation.
    • All sessions will be 3-4 weeks long.

    Drive Time:

    • Driving appointments will take place during non-school hours during that month's session. 
    • You will choose and sign up for your driving time. Make sure in advance you are open and available for driving. You need to be free from dr. appointments, sports commitments etc on the days you sign up to drive. 

    Class Tuition:

    • Students who currently attend the Kuna School District will pay $275.00. If they are using the Advanced Opportunities Funds, (a.k.a. Fast Forward Funds), the student will only be required to pay $50.00 cash at orientation.

    About the Class:

    • Students must complete all scheduled driving appointments and complete the online class in its entirety.
    • Idaho state regulations do not allow for prearranged absences. Students who miss a driving appointment due to an illness or another emergency will need to provide a doctor's note.
    • Each student will receive a minimum of 30 hours of class time, 6 hours of driving time and 6 hours of observation.
    A permit is required to take Driver's Education per Idaho law. The student must be at least 14.5 years old to obtain an Instruction Permit at the DMV. The student will not have to take any tests at the DMV to secure their permit. They will just have to pay the required amount to the DMV for their permit.
    To obtain the Instruction Permit from the DMV, the parent and student will need to bring the following to the DMV (It is easier if you schedule an appointment):
    • Verification of Compliance form/letter. Request this form from the front office of your student's high school. (during the summer the district office has them also). The letter of compliance must be dated within 60 days when you take it into the DMV. Home-schooled students will need their parent to sign an affidavit at the DMV.
    • State Certified Birth Certificate (photocopy is not accepted)
    • Qualifying photo (student activity card, yearbook photo or state identification card)
    • Social Security Card (or just the number)
    • Parent or legal guardian's ID. Guardian must provide court ordered guardianship documents or Power of Attorney documents acceptable to the requirements of the Idaho Transportation Department.
    • Must be able to advise the DMV where your student will be taking driver's education - such as Phillips Driving School

    The DMV will mail the Instruction Permit to Phillips Driving School. You will receive a receipt for payment. Upon successful completion of the required 30 hours of course work and the behind the wheel instruction, the permit will be given to the student so they are able to start driving with their parents/guardian.




    If you are interested in being an instructor for the Kuna contract through Phillips, please contact Phillips driving school at (208) 898-0120 or through 
    Contact Us on their website.