Gifted and Talented Program Overview

  • Our KSD Gifted and Talented program is a building and classroom approach facilitated by general education teachers who work in conjunction with the GT endorsed teachers, instructional coaches, and the MTSS building teams.  The process begins with identification and individualized goal setting for identified students. The GT team partners with the classroom teacher to support instructional strategies and resources to ensure that students are able to reach identified goals.

2022-2023 Program Goals

    • Creativity Training for Gifted and Talented Facilitators 
    • Increase training for teachers, administrators, and school staff 
    • Further identify assessments to provide data to support curricular differentiation options for the appropriate level of needs
    • Identify and increase opportunities for students gifted in visual and performing arts, creativity, and leadership
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  • Parent Nomination Process

Student Enrichment Opportunities

District Coordinator Contact

  • Kelly Walton

    208.922.1000 (ext.1215)