• Preparing Vegetables

    Posted by Asia Torrejas on 6/15/2022

    Vegetables need to be offered daily. Children should consume between 1 - 4 cups of vegetables a day (age depending). Be mindful that not every vegetable has all the needed vitamins and minerals that support health, growth, and digestion. Because of this, it is important to offer a variety of options and perhaps different ways of preparing/presenting the vegetables. It is also important to encourage your children to try something new weekly or monthly. Let them be part of the process, take them to a farmers market or store and let them pick a vegetable. Of course, there will be vegetables your children don't care about. Don't let that discourage you, as you may find a new favorite. 

    Vegetable Recipe 

    Vegetable Nutrition Database

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  • Nutrition Tips

    Posted by Asia Torrejas on 6/8/2022

    Proper nutrition is crucial for growing minds. This week the child nutrition department is sharing information in regards to proper meal building, according to USDA.  

    Check back weekly for nutritional tips for all school-age groups. 

    K - 5th Grade

    6th - 8th Grade

    9th - 12th Grade

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