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Has your family's housing changed?

  • If your family has experienced housing changes since the start of the year, your child(ren) may be eligible for support through the McKinney-Vento Assistant Act. Students who may qualify are those who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence living in situations such as:

    • Doubled up with family or a friend
    • In a car, park, campground, public space, abandoned building, substandard housing or similar
    • In a motel or hotel
    • In a house or vehicle of any kind (including a camper) without running water, electricity or heat
    • In a shelter or transitional housing
    • Unaccompanied youth not living with a parent or legal guardian
    • Youth awaiting foster care (first 30 days in foster care)
    • Migratory children living in similar living conditions

    Please complete this form to determine if your family qualifies for additional resources:


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    If you are struggling with a mental or emotional problem, having trouble with drugs or alcohol, or having family or relationship problems - reach out.
    Someone is always here for you on the other end of the line. 
    You can call for yourself, or someone you care about.


Student and Family Assistance Program (SFAP)



    No cost to you and strictly confidential!

    The Student and Family Assistance Program(SFAP) is a free and confidential resource designed to provide short-term and solution-focused assistance to students and their families.BPA Health Logo  

    • Academic pressures
    • Family issues and conflicts
    • Alcohol and drug issues
    • Anxiety and Depression

    For easy access to services, call: 1-833-935-3816


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    Search and connect to support. Financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced-cost help starts here.