• The Kuna School Board is the policy-making body of the school district, establishing the principles that govern the daily operation of the school system. Each of the five trustees represents specific geographic zones in the district called zones. Individual members have no authority to act on their own but meet as a board in a formal session. They receive no salaries or benefits and are elected to a four-year term.

    Getting involved & providing feedback:

    • KSD patrons are welcome to email trustees see contact information below.
    • Patrons are also invited to get involved in opportunities to serve on advisory committees, provide feedback in surveys, etc. 
    • The community (parents and non-parents) is encouraged to attend school board meetings.

    The Board of Trustees is supported in its work by an appointed Clerk. The Clerk is Cairlissa Morgan. She can be reached at 208-922-1000 or email her.

Current Kuna School Board

Contact Trustees

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Maps of Trustee Zones