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    Welcome to the Kuna School District Technology Department. With our rapidly growing district and ever-changing technology needs, this constant state of flux can be daunting -- 1:1 mobile devices, upgrading from analog to digital clocks and intercom systems, improving building security with more cameras and key card doors  -- but also exciting; never before has technology offered educational institutions so many excellent options. 

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  • 2023-24 School Year Device Deposit information 

    We will provide a Chromebook for every middle and high school student to use at school and at home to support their learning in the 2023-24 school year.  

    Students are responsible for the general care of Chromebooks they use for school.
    Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work correctly must be reported to a teacher or administrator as soon as possible so that they can be taken care of properly. Chromebooks should not be taken to an outside computer service for any type of repair or maintenance. The school will repair or replace damaged equipment resulting from normal use.
    Abuse or neglect of the equipment will result in damage that the student is responsible for paying for.

    A low-cost, annual device deposit program is available to middle and high school students to offset the cost of damages.
    The school will make its best attempt to purchase replacement parts at the best possible price.

    Device Deposit 

    The annual $25 deposit will cover the cost of one device repair and a discounted rate of $75 replacement for a lost or stolen Chromebook for the year.
    If additional repairs are needed, a deductible would be charged.
    Details on the coverage are below.

    The Device Deposit must be paid annually by Sept. 30 each year.
    All students enrolled after this time have 1 month to pay the annual device deposit.

    Did you know?

    Our secondary students are issued a device and will use that device throughout their time at that school. 

    Link to the 2023-24 Online KSD Device Deposit Form  

    • $25 Annual Deposit for one student in a family
    • $45 Annual Deposit  for two students in a family
    • $60 Annual Deposit   for three students in a family
    • $70 Annual Deposit  for four or more students in a family

    Deposit waiver available for students on free or reduced-price lunch.


    First repair  

    No cost  

    Second repair   

    Family  pays $25  

    Third repair 

    Family  pays $25 

    Fourth repair 

    Family  pays $30 

    Replacement of lost, broken beyond repair, or stolen device

    First device 


    Second device



    Charging cords are not covered by the deposit. Replacement for lost or damaged cords will be $20.



    2023-24 Kuna School District 

    With No Device Deposit 


    All repairs


    Replacement of lost, broken beyond repair, or stolen device

    Used device


    New device



    Charging cords are not covered by the deposit. Replacement for lost or damaged cords will be $20.

Technology Team

  • CP / STE
  • Hubb, Ross, IPHS, IC
  • KHS / IPHS
  • Kuna Middle School
  • Tech Center
  • Tech Center, IC, ROSS, IPHS
  • Tech Center/ District Office
  • Tech Center/Reed/Software
  • Tech Center/Remote
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