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    Welcome to the Kuna School District Transportation Department.

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    The Transportation Department is in the District Support Services building located at 711 E Porter Road, Kuna ID 83634. 

    Phone: (208) 922-1013

    Basic Rules for Riders (posted on each bus):

    1. Refrain from loud noises that distract the bus driver.
    2. Remain seated at all times, facing the front, with your back against the seat rest.
    3. Keep bus aisle clear.
    4. Arms and head inside of the bus.
    5. No talking when the bus is stopped at railroad crossings.
    6. No eating or drinking.
    7. Backpacks on lap or on the floor.
    8. No large instruments or skateboards.
    9. Zero Tolerance: No weapons, laser pens, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, vape devices, aerosols, perfumes or colognes sprayed in bus.
    10. Harassment is never tolerated. 

    Day Care Transportation Agreement >>

    Looking for routes? Find them here. 

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Transportation Department

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