• Substitute Services

    The Kuna School District is dedicated to employing a substitute workforce capable of continuing the commitment to excellence and serving our students during times of employee absence.


    How to Become a Substitute Teacher/Paraprofessional and Minimum Requirements 

    Thank you for your interest in providing this service to our communities, our schools, and our students. Please follow the steps below to complete the substitue teacher application process. 

    • Complete an application for employment HERE.
    • Candidate must possess at least a high school diploma or GED.
    • Must consent to a background check.
    • Once the application is submitted, you will be contacted for a hiring appointment. At that time, you will need to complete the paperwork, criminal background check, and fingerprinting.
    • We will need to do a criminal background check on each substitute applicant. Idaho law requires you to be fingerprinted.  The cost is $28.25. If you are paying cash, you MUST HAVE EXACT CHANGE) 
    • If you have a valid current or expired teaching certificate, you are EXEMPT from taking the online Substitute Training Course; however, you MUST upload a copy of your valid current or expired teaching certificate to your application.
    • If you are not a certified or retired teacher, you must complete the STEDI SubSkills Training Course ($39.95 fee) with a composite passing score of 85%. 
      • Click www.stedi.org and choose "SHOP" at the top of the screen.
      • Select your SubSkills training option, and Add to Cart. (The Kuna School District requires a "Sub Diploma" with a passing score of 85%.)
      • Proceed to Checkout.
      • Please contact info@stedi.org with any questions or issues you may have regarding the course or registration.
    • Once you have completed the STEDI SubSkills training course email Deann Greany at dmgreany@kunaschools.org.


    How To Find A Sub Job

    SmartFind Express is the callout system that provides absence management to fill the job openings with our qualified substitutes. When a teacher or school needs someone to cover the classroom, a job is created. 

    As a substitute, you are able to choose a job for the school. If a teacher is out sick, the system will call you to get the positions filled in the schools. You are able to set your own schedule and times that you are available. 

    This link will walk you through the steps of getting registered and the processes of the website and telephone. 

    The SFE Phone number is (844) 350-1566

    For assistance, please contact Deann Greany (208) 922-1000 or email subhelp@kunaschools.org

    Watch a video about SmartFind Express.

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