The driver education course is broken into two pieces: online classroom learning and student driving with an instructor.
    The course takes about 6 weeks. The online class portion is 30 hours and the driving portion includes 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observing. 
    The spots available in the course and class sizes vary based on the availability of instructors.
    Students must be able to schedule drives around sports, work etc. Some weekend days are required. If you aren't able to be flexible with the drives, please choose another session where you can be flexible. If you need to miss a drive, you must contact your driving instructor. You can also email driversed@kunaschools.org at least 8 hours before your scheduled time. If that contact isn't made to cancel the drive, there is a $50 fee.
    Session Tuition and Requirements
    • Tuition - Cost is $230 and must be paid to the Kuna High School bookkeeper before the start of the class session. 
    • Driver's Permit - Before registering, students must have purchased a permit and send a copy of the receipt driversed@kunaschools.org . A student will not be allowed into the driver's ed session without proof of a permit.​​

    Permit information 

    Permits can be obtained from Ada County.  Students will need the following: 

    • You need to be at least 14 1⁄2 years of age or older.
    • A Certified Birth Certificate
    • A photo ID or student yearbook
    • A parent or legal guardian
    • $23.50
    • “Verification of Compliance” letter (Pick up at the high school front office)
    • Social Security Card
    • Tell them you are enrolling in the “KUNA HIGH SCHOOL Driver Education Program”
    Make a copy of your receipt and attach it in an email to: Driversed@kunaschools.org
    Registration information 
    We are in the process of turning our DE contract over to Phillips driving school in the fall. This isn't a done deal as of yet. We are waiting for the State to approve the contract. When they approve it, Phillips will do a Kuna public drivers' education course. Their requirements will be similar to Kuna District requirements. As we get closer to the fall, I will update the information for parents/students on this site. 
    As of today, I will be conducting one (1) session of driver's ed this June. It will be a smaller section as I will be the only instructor. Thank you for your patience as we transition.
    If you are interested in being an instructor for the Kuna contract, please contact Phillips driving school at (208) 898-0120.
    We will still need instructors in order to have more students drive.

    Registration is based on a "first - come - first - serve" basis, meaning the first applicants to register will get into the session (IF there are 30 spots open in the session, the first 30 people to register will be enrolled).
    NOTE: NO WAITING LIST AVAILABLE. If you are not accepted into the session, you will have to re-register for another session. Your application WILL NOT be kept on a waiting list, rolled over to another session, or automatically re-registered for a new session.​