300: Statement of Guiding Principles
302: Administrative Appointment
304: Superintendent Appointment
306: Superintendent Authority 
308: Principal Contracts 
310: Administrative Personnel Evaluation 
350: School Calendar
352: Emergency School Closure
354: School Holidays



400: Reporting New Employees
401: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
402: Criminal History Checks for Employees, Volunteers and Contractors
403: Employee Drug and Alcohol Use & Testing

403.5 Employee Vaccination Policy
404: Employer Recommendations

405: Gifts to Employees

406: Investigating and Reporting Suspected Child Abuse, Abandonment or Neglect


407: Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
407.50: Sick Leave

407.60 Administrative Process for Employee Telework
408: Jury Duty
409: Military Leave
409.50: Administrative Leave with Pay: Delegation of Authority


410: Non-Discrimination in Employment
411: Personnel Files
412: General Personnel Regulations
413: Political Activities
414: Sexual Harassment
415: Staff Protection
416: Whistle Blower
417: Employee Volunteers
418: Personnel Conflict of Interest
419: Supplementation of Worker’s Compensation Benefits

420: Social Media


430: Qualifications and Training Requirements of Instructional Paraprofessionals


440: Definition of Certificated Employee
442: Code of Ethics for Certificated Employees
444: Employment Contracts with Certificated Employees
445: Evaluation and Probation of Certificated Employees
445.50: Due Process of Certificated Employees
446: Negotiated Agreement Terms
447: Recruitment of Certificated Employees
448: Reduction in Force Regarding Certificated Employees
449: Release from Contract of Certificated Employees
450: Release Time for Certificated Employees
452: Suspension of Teaching Certificate
453: Support Programs
454: Discharge of Certificated Employees
456: Reading Programs In-service Training
457: Extra Duty Assignments for Advisors/Coaches
458: Part-Time Employment and Job Sharing for Certificated Employees
459: Reassignment of Administrative Employees
460: Certificated Employees: Informal Review Procedure
461: Qualifications of Certificated Personnel
462: Title I Comparability of Services
463: Title I Professional Development
464: FLSA: Exempt Employees


470: Definition of Non-Certificated Personnel
471: Non-Certificated Employees: At-Will Employment


472: Salary Schedules for Non-Certificated Employees
473: Group Health Insurance for Non-Certificated Employees
474: Evaluation of Non-Certificated Employees
475: FLSA: Non-Exempt Employees and Overtime Requirements
476: Grievance Procedure for Non-Certificated Employees


477: Absence Without Pay for Non-Certificated Employees
478: Illness or Death in Immediate Family: Non-Certificated Employees
479: Trip Expenditures
480: Vacation Leave for Non-Certificated Employees