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Kelly Glenn
Assessment Manager
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Assessment Director

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The Kuna School District uses many different types of assessments to guide teaching and learning. We draw on educational research to create a comprehensive assessment system.  Formative assessments are used every day in Kuna classrooms to provide evidence that students have learned what we call “learning targets.” Learning targets are statements teachers use to communicate the intended learning for students. Exit tickets, assignments, quizzes, tests, observations, interviews and checklists are just some of the techniques teachers use to assess student learning, provide feedback to students and guide additional instruction.










The Kuna School District also uses a variety of Summative Assessments to help our district continuously improve. Summative assessments are usually completed at the end of a unit or course. Summative assessments can be products such as chapter tests, final exams, projects, portfolios or presentations. The District is in the process of identifying key common assessments for each unit in a grade level or course. District common assessments are aligned to state standards and inform teachers, schools and the district whether our students are mastering the content required by the State of Idaho throughout the school year.

District common assessments help prepare Kuna students for state-required summative assessments. State required summative assessments provide information to the schools, the district and the state on how Idaho students are performing in comparison to students in other schools, districts and states.

Data from assessments is used to help Kuna School District accomplish our mantra of “every student learning every day.”


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2020-2021 Assessment Schedule

Kuna School District students will be participating in a number of assessments during the 2020-2021 school year. To view, the preliminary calendar click on Assessment Calendar to view testing dates and testing date ranges.





State Assessments and Your Students

Below is the list of assessments (tests) required by the Idaho State Department of Education. By clicking on each tab, you will be able to see details on the test(s) and which grade levels participate in the assessment

Additional information regarding statewide assessment can be found at Idaho State Department of Education-Assessments.

Parents can access their child's assessment information through the Kuna School District student information system portal. Here is a tutorial on how to view the parent portal in Tyler SIS



How Are We Doing?

Our Superintendent prepares the Kuna School District Annual Report to update our community about our annual performance in student achievement and future directions.

The Kuna School Board and Kuna School District Leadership use assessment data to guide decision making related to our board goals. Assessment data is presented at most board meetings. Below are links to  presentations to the school board on Kuna School District achievement data and plans for instructional improvement.

2018 Early Literacy Update

2017 ISAT Review




School Report Cards 

The State Department of Education releases school, district and state Report Cards. Click the link below to access Kuna School District's school and district report cards on the Idaho State Department of Education website.