Community Support for Kuna Students, Schools 

"What is the plan for our community to support Kuna students during this period of rapid growth?
The Kuna School Board created a 10-year plan -- #KSDgrowingforward -- based on priorities identified by the community, parents, and teachers.
The plan is to: 
  • Address community priorities for student learning with an annual supplemental levy (levy for learning) renewed every two years
  • Create space for future new students with bonds (bonds for buildings) about every three to four years
  • Harness growth to fund school growth and keep the tax rate stable and predictable
"How is the 10-year #KSDgrowingforward plan working?
The plan launched n 2017 with the passage of the Bond for Buildings and Levy for Learning.
Midway into the plan, our community's support is making a difference for students and teachers during this time of fast growth and helped keep schools open during the 2020-21 school year despite the global COVID pandemic:


Keeping taxes stable, predictable

Tax rate promises are being kept. 

The original plan was accomodate needs while keeping the tax rate at $5 per $1,000 of taxable property values.

Thanks to refinancing and paying off bond debt the tax rate has dropped from $5 to $4.08 per $1,000 of taxable value

As new homes and commercial property is added, we are seeing growth starting to pay for growth. 

2019 Levy for Learning

The levy was renewed at the same amount. The overall tax rate dropped from $5.00 to $4.88. The renewed levy provided $2.5 million for students in 2019-20 and in 2020-21.

The funds were used on priorities set by our community -- however, student needs for devices during the pandemic meant a delay in some instructional materials. 

Add 20 teachers to:

  • address areas of classroom overcrowding
  • add auto body repair, diesel mechanics, and construction trade
  • continue free full-time kindergarten

Purchased materials and technology equipment:

  • English -- PK-5 Curriculum purchased; 6-12 Preliminary work done; full adoptions were delayed as pandemic needs required more funds be used for Chromebooks
  • Science -- Preliminary work done; full adoptions were delayed as pandemic required more funds be used for Chromebooks
  • Musical instruments
  • Chromebooks

Continued focus on safety and prevention by:

  • maintaining school resource officers
  • increasing prevention staffing and training
  • making critical building improvements

2017 Levy for Learning

Our community identified priorities for  first Levy for Learning identified in the #KSDgrowingforward plan  :

 The levy provided $2.5 million for students in 2017-18 and in 2018-19. As promised, the two-year $5 million investment was used to:

  • Provided new materials and equipment for math, social studies, and technology
  • Focused on safety and prevention by:
  • Secured access to schools with new fencing, swipe card entrances, doors and cameras
  • Funded one additional school resource officer
  • Completed school maintenance and repairs including:
    • Fremont Middle School - Rreplaced old heating, cooling system
    • Kuna Middle School - Added handicap accessible bathroom and painted
    • Indian Creek & Ross Elementary School -- purchased desks, repaired sidewalks
    • Silver Trail, Ross and Crimson Point schools -- installed swipe card safety access
  • Restored fund balance needed for fiscal stability and to reduce bond interest costs

Watch the video overview


2017 Bond for Buildings

Projects promised were built including:

  • Multipurpose Athletic Room Kuna High School 
  • Addition to Kuna Middle School
  • Classroom addition to Reed Elementary
  • Classroom addition to Silver Trail Elementary
  • Convert Teed Elementary to Fremont Middle School
  • Construction of phase one of Swan Falls High School 
  • Critical maintenance needs 






*Supplemental M&O Levy (Levy for Learning)

March 2021

2,500,000 (2)


March 9, 2021


 *Supplemental M&O Levy (Levy for Learning)

March 2019 

2,500,000 (2) 




  *Supplemental M&O Levy  (Levy for Learning)

March 2017 

2,500,000 (2)  67.4% 


*Bond Levy (Bond for Buildings) 

March 2017 





Supplemental M&O Levy  

May 2014 

$3,190,000.00 (2) 



Supplemental M&O Levy  

March 2014

$3,190,000.00 (2) 



Supplemental M&O Levy   

August 2012 

$3,190,000.00 (2) 



Supplemental M&O Levy    

May 2011 

$1,500,000.00 (2) 



Supplemental M&O Levy   

May 2009 

$1,100,000.00 (2) 



Bond Levy  

September 2007 $25,500,000.00   74.93%  Pass 

Plant Facility Levy 

September 2003  $384,150.00 (1)  82.19%  Pass 
Bond Levy  September 2000 $15,200,000.00  72.41%   Pass 
Bond Levy  September 1999 $14,175,000.00 55%  Fail  
* Part of 10 year "Growing Forward Plan
(1) Amount collected annually for 10 years
(2) Collected annually for 2 years