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                Teed Air Handling/Mechanical Cooling


Board Meeting Date: February 10, 2015                                            Date Submitted:  February 5, 2015                                        

Report Type: Information

Submitted On Behalf Of: Special Projects, Maintenance, and Fremont H. Teed Elementary


Submitter(s):  Layne Saxton, Kevin Lindquist, Devan DeLashmutt


Subject:  Fremont H. Teed Air Handling/Mechanical Cooling Replacement

Action Requested:  This is an informational report, no action is requested at this time.  


The main air handler and mechanical cooling unit on the roof of Fremont H. Teed Elementary School (Teed) is responsible for providing adequate temperature controlled air to all offices and all but four1 classrooms throughout the school.  To effectively and efficiently accomplish this task, the unit both recycles air from within the building and also introduces fresh outside air into the system when necessary.  To provide sufficient air to circulate through the system, a very large unit that combines significant mechanical and technical engineering is required.

The current system was engineered and installed approximately 12 years ago.  At that time, a hybrid solution was installed that combined portions of the the original equipment from 1978 and newer technology.  In recent years, the unit has been plagued by significant mechanical issues resulting in $40,000.00 of maintenance and repair costs.  The latest failures in the fall of 2014 resulted in the replacement of the compressor costing $10,000.00

Findings and Recommendations:  Replacement of the Teed air handling unit is a significant operational effort and cost to the district.  The District is currently evaluating options to facilitate the continued operations of the existing system, or investigate replacing the entire unit.  Contracting with engineers specializing in HVAC may be necessary in either scenario.  If and when the unit is replaced, design, build, and bid specifications will be necessary to ensure the system operates properly and will last for the required life span of 15-20+ years.  There will also be additional costs to ensure the system is properly integrated into the district’s HVAC control system (BACTalk) for proper monitoring and energy efficient operations.  

Related Strategic Plan/Mission/Goals: Board Goal 3:  Maintain and cultivate safe, effective and efficient operational and fiscal practices

Related policies/procedures statements:  Given the large projected cost of this project, district policy and Idaho Code require a formal bidding process and the issuance of detailed specifications and Request For Proposal (RFP).

District Policy 850 - Purchasing

Idaho Code §67-2800 - Purchasing by Political Subdivisions

Possible Budget Impact and Funding Sources: 

  • Solution engineering and bid specification development - $2500.00
  • HVAC Equipment and Installation - $250,000 - $300,000
  • Controls Installation, programming, and system integration - $3500.00

For the previous 10 years, the district had a maintenance and operations budget that provided approximately $384,000 in yearly monies to maintain all district facilities, fields, custodial supplies, and technology.  The last of these funds were received in the 13-14 school year.  Funding for this project would have to come from the district’s general fund or the remaining proceeds from the 2007 bond.

Possible Staff Impact: 

Supporting Documentation:

Teed Roof Foot Print

1 - Freemont H Teed has 4 classrooms that were added on after the original school construction.  These four classroom have a separate heating and cooling system.  These units are noted in the picture above