Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI)

What is the IRI?

The Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI) is an assessment required by Idaho Statute 33-1614 to identify "at risk" students for reading failure. Research has shown that children who struggle with reading early on in their educational journey, experience greater difficulty in learning throughout their school years. The IRI is intended to identify these students so assistance can be provided as soon as possible.

Idaho State Department of Education New IRI Parent Brochure

Who takes the IRI?

Students in grade K-3 participate in the IRI.

When is the IRI administered?

The IRI is administered in the Fall (Sept) and the Spring (May).


Why is the IRI is administered?

The IRI helps to identify the reading skills of each K – 3 student. The IRI provides student reading performance information used by school personnel in determining necessary interventions to improve students' reading skills. The Idaho State Department of Education provides school districts with additional funding for early reading intervention programs for those students deemed "at risk".

Additionally, the IRI is intended to be used both to help establish local curricular standards as well as to provide direction for further assessment of students. It is important to note that the IRI is not intended to be a complete diagnostic reading test; rather, the IRI is used to determine which students in a classroom might have additional needs in the area of reading.

How can I help my child?

For more parent information visit: State Dept of Education

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