KinderlogoThe Kuna School District wants all kindergarteners and their families to thrive in a loving, safe and supportive environment. Teachers and staff develop and nurture each child’s learning potential through academic excellence and social development. We strive to use best practices to meet the individual needs of kindergarten students and their families to become successful lifelong learners. Idaho Code 33-201 states that public schools are open to all children of "school age" (between the ages of 5 and 21 years). Children must turn 5 on or before September 1st to be considered "of school age".

Kuna School District is pleased to offer All Day Every Day Kindergarten at all of our elementary schools.  

Kindergarten registration for the upcoming 2021 - 2022 school year - OPEN NOW


Our elementary schools are hosting kindergarten visits by appointment in lieu of the traditional open house. Below are the dates and links to sign up.




New Family (No Existing TylerSIS login) How-To: English   Spanish

Existing Family (Existing TylerSIS login) How-To: English   Spanish

Follow these three important steps to complete your registration and prepare your family for Kindergarten ~

1. Complete the Online Registration Form.

2. Stop by the elementary school in your attendance zone to provide the school with an original or certified copy of your child's birth certificate, proof of address and immunization records.  English List   -   Spanish List

Schools will be open in August to accept these documents. If you bring in the originals of these documents, the school can make copies for you.

 Even if you have applied for the Dual Language program, please bring your registration documents to the school in your attendance zone. To determine which school attendance zone you live in, please see the Kuna School District Boundaries listed on the front page of district website under the word "District."  

3. Stay Connected - check the email you used on the online registration form regularly for emails from the district and your child's school. Follow the Kuna School District Facebook page for important updates. Also join your new elementary school's Facebook page and parent groups. 

Kuna Kindergarten

The State of Idaho provides funding for all students in Idaho to receive either a half-day of school every day or a whole day of school every other day. The Kuna School Board of Trustees and the Superintendent have decided to use additional state grant money through the Early Literacy Initiative to fund a full day of kindergarten for all incoming kindergarten students. Our district believes there is no better investment than early learning experiences that lead to long term academic success. The Kuna School District continues to grow our partnerships with parents and other caregivers, daycare providers and community agencies to equip our community to insure that Kuna kids are "Kindergarten Ready." We are a district who is committed to the success of our youngest learners. 

The Kindergarten curriculum is based on the Idaho Content Standards. Students learn foundational skills in reading, writing and mathematics integrated with content from science and social studies. Technology standards are also embedded in the core instructional program. The Kuna Kindergarten Curriculum is based on the National Association for the Education of Young Children standards as well as the Idaho Early Learning Guidelines

Here are some great resources for parents of young children:


Dual Language Program
The Kuna School District is proud to offer a Dual Language Program, which begins in Kindergarten and continues through high school. In the Dual Language Program, students are empowered to become lifelong bilingual, bi-literate, and multicultural leaders and learners who will excel in career and life opportunities using Spanish and English. In the kindergarten year, students will learn the Kuna School District kindergarten curriculum, but they will learn content and complete assignments in both Spanish and English. Students do not need to be Spanish speakers before entering Kindergarten to be in the Dual Language Kindergarten.  


The Kuna School District provides busing for all students who live outside of walking distance to school. The district works closely with daycares in our community to provide bussing to daycares for our young students. See the district transportation webpage for more information on bus routes from schools. 

Open Enrollment
Open enrollment is the process used to enroll students who live outside of the Kuna School District boundaries. It is also used to apply to enroll in a school outside of your school attendance zone. Presently, the Kuna School District is experiencing rapid growth. Each school building is being used at full capacity and classes are full with students from within each school’s attendance zone. Space in schools for students applying for open enrollment is extremely limited. If you would like to apply for open enrollment in a Kuna School District school, see the Open Enrollment webpage for more information on this process and policy.