In The Kuna School District, every school offers an excellent education for students. The district is committed to sustaining outstanding schools and fostering strong relationships between parents and teachers. Idaho Code Ā§33-1402 (Enrollment Options) provides parents the opportunity to apply for a change of school attendance zone through an open enrollment form.

OPEN ENROLLMENT FOR ALL SCHOOLS K-12 for the 2021-2022 School Year is currently CLOSED - please make an appointment with the principal of the school you are requesting for any exceptions.

Open Enrollment does not apply to any special programs such as Synergy, ELL, Dual Language, TLC, or Special Education. Siblings are not automatically enrolled in the school if a sibling is in a special program.

Open Enrollment is for full-time students only and does not include foreign exchange students or siblings.

Requesting to transfer for athletics will be DENIED

PLEASE GO TO OUR NEW ONLINE FORM to fill out and submit electronically



There must be one application filled out per student.

Please be advised that the Kuna Joint School District No. 3 reserves the right to remove or transfer open-enrolled students at any time for the following conditions: school or program overcrowding, unacceptable behavior, false or misleading information on the Open Enrollment Application, lack of academic progress, or poor attendance. District policy requires that parent/guardians are responsible for transporting open-enrolled students.

If your request is denied, KSD School Board Policy #632 states that this decision is not appealable by the School Board.

We appreciate your continued support of the Kuna School District.


If you are interested in applying for Open Enrollment for the 2019-2020 year - please see the principal of the school you wish to open enroll your child in. A paper form will need to be submitted through the principal.