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scheduleText Messaging is just another important tool Kuna School District is implementing as a way to communicate to parents. We understand that parents are busy people. They need to get information on what is happening in their students’ school sent to them, especially if there is an emergency. Kuna School District ensures that parents are in the know for the routine, as well as when disaster strikes. School Messenger is the district’s main tool for immediate outreach. This communications system allows the district to send mass telephone, email and text messages to thousands of parents and guardians in a timely fashion. The district has developed some protocols around how and when this tool is used. This page describes some of those uses and what parents need to know. 


Who gets the call? The contact information gathered from parents/guardians each year is put into the district’s student information system. Once a day, new information from that system is uploaded into School Messenger’s secure and confidential system. So, within 24 hours of being entered, a new family may begin receiving communications.


Routine calls are made to the first telephone number on record for the first family listed. These recorded message calls may come from the district office or the student's school. They are often reminders, such as when parent teacher conferences are being held, when a student has been marked absent, or new information parents may need, such as a change in a school schedule. The system does mark duplicates, so parents with more than one student will not get duplicate calls. If the telephone is answered by an answering machine, the system will leave a message.


Emergency calls that take place in non-school hours are likely to go to multiple parent phone numbers. That’s because students have left the school and are under their parent’s/guardian’s supervision. This kind of call may be made, for example, to tell families that school will be closed because of a power outage, fire or other damage to the building. Schools, especially, may use this system to send out routine information and reminders through its mass email system. Those emails go to the email address on file with the district.


In a true emergency, such as a fire or earthquake, the district or school may need to get to parents quickly. Parents may need to come to the school to pick up their student. Or they may be asked not to come to school or to go to a different location to be reunited with their student. In the case of a true emergency, School Messenger will send a message from the district in all of these ways:

  • A recorded message to every telephone number on record for a student
  • An email to each email address on record
  • A text message to each cell phone on record, if the cell phone’s owner has previously opted into receiving those messages (see instructions below)

The district will also use all available means to get the word out to parents, including social media (Twitter and Facebook), and posting notices on this website.


In case of bad weather

To ensure that all families know when school has been canceled or delayed, Kuna School District will send a mass text via School Messenger beginning at 5:30 a.m. on those days. If you need to know whether school has been canceled or delayed before you get that text, the information will also be available on this website or on many local television or radio stations. The decisions are made early so that students have enough time to get to school.


Text message permission

Cell phone carriers will not let School Messenger send out mass text messages unless it can show that it has permission from each recipient. When a cell phone number is added into the student information system and then uploaded into the School Messenger system, that triggers an opt-in permission text message to the phone with that number. This text message will say the following: “Kuna School District alerts. Reply Y for aprx 5 msgs/mo. Txt HELP 4 info. Msg&data rates may apply. Visit schoolmessenger.com/tm” That’s the approved message that all cell phone carriers require and it is sent to all School Messenger clients, no matter what their usage really is. While some school districts use the text message service for routine messages, Kuna School District has decided to use it for emergency and other important messages: Each school within the district will have the ability to send text messages. These may be reminders, important announcements and local emergencies. As noted, cell phone carriers may charge message and/or data rates for these messages, depending on the cell phone plan. To get text messages in an emergency, reply to this text message on receipt. Just type “y”, or “yes”, or “opt-in” when replying to the message. If you did not receive the message or forgot to respond, simply text message the number 67587 with the message “opt-in” or “yes.” A return text will confirm that School Messenger has registered this cell phone number for text messages.


Changing your numbers or email addresses

Because this information is housed in our student information system, changes must be made at your child’s school. Simply contact the school office to let them know if you want to change or add a cell phone. Also, you can also change which telephone number is listed first. Kuna School District can block a specific telephone number from getting calls but that will block it from getting any calls. We discourage parents from blocking their student’s first telephone number listed since that will block all mass calls from their school or from the school district.


Text Messaging Frequently Asked Questions


For more information, contact the Kuna School District Office at (208) 922-1000.