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Welcome to the Student & Community Services website. This website is designed to provide up to date information on our program, services, activities, and accomplishments. Our goal is to provide quality assistance to students, parents, staff and administrators.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and individualized services to empower all students to realize their educational goals. When we say all students we mean all. Students have all different kinds of backgrounds that include students from low income or migrant families, having disabilities, acquiring English as a second language, medical or health concerns, struggling with emotional issues or homelessness. We support students in a variety of ways; from working with individual students to working with small groups and classes to providing resources and training. We have personnel with specialized skills and resources. Our Student Support Services are listed to your right with links to for more information. You will find names, emails, telephone numbers and resources. Our dedicated staff put their heart and soul into serving students. They look forward to working on behalf of your child.

Who We Are

eileen oshea
Eileen OShea
Student & Community Services