Photo of nurse or doctor examining a student's ear

Hearing and Vision:

Each fall Kuna Lions Club provides free basic sight and hearing screenings by trained volunteers to Kuna School District students. Screenings are conducted in a mobile screening unit that travels to each of elementary school for students in kindergarten, first and third grade. Parents are welcome to volunteer to help. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact your school nurse.

Children who fails or misses their first screening will be screened again at a second screening conducted a few weeks later. If your child fails this second screening, a letter will be sent home indicating which screening they failed.

Each school nurse has access to VSP's Sight for Students vision certificates for students that meet their qualifications. These certificates provide for free vision exams and glasses (if needed). To be eligible for a certificate, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Family income is no more than 200% of federal poverty level (see chart below).
  • Child is not enrolled in Medicaid or other vision insurance.
  • Child is 18 years old or younger and has not graduated from high school.
  • Child or parent is a U.S. citizen or legal immigrant with a social security number.
  • Child has not used the Sight for Students program during the past 12 months.
Picture of glasses on top of an eye chart
200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines (2011)
Size of Family48 States & DCAlaskaHawaii
1 $21,780 $27,200 $25,080
2 29,420 36,760 33,860
3 37,060 46,320 42,640
4 44,700 55,880 51,420
5 52,340 65,440 60,200
6 59,980 75,000 68,980
7 67,620 84,560 77,760
8 75,260 94,120 86,540
For each additional
person add:
$7,640 $9,560 $8,780


Scoliosis screening is typically done in middle school or junior high. Many cases which previously would have gone undetected until they were more advanced are now being caught at an early stage. The 7th grade girls and boys are screened for scoliosis (curvature of the spine) by the school nurse during their P.E. class. This screening is done to detect possible spinal problems.

The nurse will inspect the spinal column, shoulders, hips, and back while the student stands and then bends forward. For additional information on this procedure, please see the Scoliosis Screening brochure. An opt-out form will be sent home with each student the week before screening begins. Please return the form if you do not want the screening.

The school nurse will contact you if a spinal concern is detected.

PDF Document Scoliosis Screening Opt-Out Form

Operation School Bell

With the help of the Assistance League of Boise, Operation School Bell provides new clothing, a pair of shoes, a winter coat and personal grooming products to children from families identified by Ada County school personnel. This assistance enhances each child's self-esteem, promotes learning and encourages regular school attendance.

Growth and Development Education

A "Growth and Development" lesson is presented to all fifth grade students in gender separate classes. This lesson's objective is to explain physical and emotional changes associated with puberty and will be taught by either a teacher or the school nurse. As part of the lesson the 15-minute video, “Everything You Wanted to Know about Puberty” will be shown and free hygiene kits are given to the students.

Participation in the lesson is based only upon written parental permission. Students not participating in this class will attend a separate classroom to read or complete other class work. Parents of participating students are encouraged to hold additional puberty related discussions with their child in the home.

The lesson outline and video is available for preview by appointment.

PDF Document Growth and Development Permission Form