Sections 500-600

Sections 500-600


500: Student Handbooks
502: Student Publications
504: Student Harassment
504.50: Prohibition Against Harassment, intimidation
506: Juvenile Sex Offenders
507: Foreign Students
508: Tracking Foreign Students and Foreign Exchange Visitors
514: Evacuation/Fire Drills
516: Freedom of Speech and Expression
518: Restraint or Seclusion of a Student


520: Proof of Age and Identification
522: Habitual Truancy
523: Attendance Records
524: Student Driving Privileges


540: Prohibition of Weapons
542: Searches by School Officials
543: Student Suspension
544: Student Expulsion/Denial of Enrollment
545: Disciplining Students With Disabilities (IDEA)
546: Disciplining Students With Disabilities (Section 504)
547: Corporal Punishment
548: Theft or Destruction of School Property
549: Prohibition of Gang Activities
550: Assault and Battery
551: Student Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use
552: Hazing Prohibition


560: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
561: Administering Medications
561.50: Administering Medications: Diabetes
562: Exclusion for Communicable Diseases
563: Exclusion for Head Lice
564: Health Records and Emergency Care
564.50:Student Concussion Procedures and Protocols 
565: Immunization Requirements
566: Student Suicidal Tendencies
567: Do Not Resuscitate Orders
568: School Wellness Policy


570: Extracurricular Student Activities
572: Eligibility and Participation in Interscholastic Activities
574: Field Trips
576: Extended Field Trips
578: Student Groups in School Facilities


600: Accreditation
602: Personnel Standards
604: Elementary School Required Instruction
605: Middle School/Junior High School Required Instruction
607: Idaho Promise Scholarship Program
608: Early Graduation
610: High School Graduation Requirements
611: High School Graduation Requirements: Alternate Measures for Demonstrating Proficiency
612: Credit by Examination
613: Credit Acceptance for Transferring Students
614: Participation in Statewide Assessments
616: Promotion of Elementary Students


630: Dual Enrollment
632: Open Enrollment
632.50: Attendance Zones
634: Postsecondary Enrollment Options
635: Student Safety Measures


640: Curriculum
641: Citizenship, U.S. Constitution, National Flag and Colors
644: Controversial Issues
646: Guest Speakers
650: Library and Resource Center Materials
652: Selection of Curriculum Materials
654: Sex Education
656: Social Studies
660: Technology
661: Prohibition Against Reproduction of Copyrighted Material
662: Curricular Materials Adoption Committee


669: Special Education Services to Private School Students
670: Special Education
671: Section 504 Procedures for Students with Disabilities
672: Gifted/Talented Education
673: Reading Assessment and Intervention Program
674: Limited English Proficiency Programs
676: Placement of Students at Alternative Schools
677: Title I – Development of Parental Involvement Policy
677.10: Title I – Parental Involvement
677.50: Federal Impact Aid
678: Release Time
679: Religion in Schools
679.50: Homeless Students

STUDENT RECORDS (Also found in section 800: Business Procedures)

680: Transfer of Student Records
681: Student Records
681.50 Protection of Student Data
686: Permanent Student Records
690: Student Learning Plans

COMPUTER (Also found in section 800: Business Procedures)

696: Computer Software
698: Computer and Network Service
699: Technology Instruction and Determining Average Daily Attendance (ADA)

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Working together with parents, community resources and educators, each student who graduates from the Kuna School District will have the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to have the future he/she desires.