• Pencils, pens, markers, ruler, scissors - New Student EnrollmentWelcome Students & Families!

    Thank you for choosing the Kuna School District for your child's education.

    We are currently enrolling for two school years:

    • 2022-23 - Currently under way and will end June 1, 2023
    • 2023-24 - Will begin Thursday, Aug. 24, 2023

    To check which schools serve your address, please use our online locator.

    If your home was recently built, it may not appear on the map. Please call us and we can help you!

    Please use the links below to register your new student.   

  • ➡️ 2022-23 Current School Year New Student Registration

  • ➡️ 2023-24 Next School Year New Student Registration

  • ➡️ 2023-24 Kindergarten Enrollment!