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The district’s adopted core curriculum for English language arts, math, science, social studies is listed on our website. Teachers also use a variety of supplemental materials.

Parents/guardians are welcome to review these materials and information about the course of study in our schools.

Accessing materials

During the school year, the process to access materials is to contact the student’s teacher.

It may be necessary to make an appointment to review textbooks and materials at times when they are not in use by students.

While some materials may be copied for review outside of school, copyrighted material such as textbooks cannot and must be reviewed at the school.

In grades 6-12, teachers post information in our learning management system called Schoology. Parents/guardians access this in these ways:

  1. Ask your student log in and show you materials

  2. Access a parent account and review materials

  3. Contact the teacher to review the materials

Concerns about materials/activities

On the rare occasion a parent objects to learning material or activity in their child’s classroom, they should follow this process:

  • Contact the teacher to identify if an alternative lesson or activity is available and/or

  • Withdraw their student from the lesson or activity

Kuna School District Core Curriculum:


  • K-5 Ready Math from Curriculum Associates (Adoption 2018-2023)
  • 6-8 i-Ready Mathematics (Adoption 2023)
  • 9-12 Big Ideas Learning distributed by Cengage Learning (Adoption renewed 2023)

Social Studies

  • 7-12 McGraw Hill Networks -
    • 7th World History (Discovering Our Past: A History of the World)
    • 8th US History (Discovering Our Past: A History of the United States - Early Years)
    • 9th: Global Studies (Geography: The Human and Physical World)
    • 10th: US History 1 (United States History and Geography)
    • 11th: US History 2 (United States History and Geography)/Economics (Understanding Economics)
    • 12th: Government (United States Government: Our Democracy)
    • 11th and 12th (Electives):
      • Sociology (Sociology and You)
      • Psychology (Understanding Psychology)


English Language Arts