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Strategic Plan

A guiding coalition of administrators, teachers, parents, and business leaders have been working on revising our district's strategic plan.

In May 2021, the Kuna Board of Trustees approved our Strategic Plan by our community. In 2023, the Strategic Plan was updated.


Empowering students to lead productive lives.


Future Ready: We prepare for a rapidly changing world by empowering
all students to pursue the best version of themselves.

Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs

  • Learning is maximized when we provide a safe and orderly environment.
  • Families and community are vital and active partners.
  • Educators design instruction to engage and inspire all learners.
  • All students are unique and valued.
  • All students will seek growth in academic and personal skills.
  • All students will be contributing members of society.

Future Picture 

Every day in every classroom, students receive quality instruction and exhibit personal growth. We provide a safe environment that celebrates and supports our diverse student community in their learning needs and desired sense of belonging, so they are able to meet life’s opportunities and challenges in healthy ways with compassion for others. 

We share responsibility with our community and its leaders. We embrace parents, caregivers, and the community as vital partners in the education and success of all students.

We want KSD to be the place where people choose to work.

Past, present and future: We use a feedback loop to learn from the past, continue to improve, and to direct future innovation.

Four Pillars of Focus

Our plan focuses on key areas or pillars including: 

  • Student Learning: Vision: Every day in every classroom, students will receive high-quality instruction and exhibit personal growth. 
  • Strong Relationships: Vision: The Kuna School District will embrace parents, caregivers, businesses, and the community as vital partners in the education and success of all our students.   
  • Organizational Strength - Vision: We want KSD to be the place where people choose to work and thrive.
  • Safe Schools Vision: Our schools will be safe. Each school will foster a culture that supports the whole child and celebrates our students' diversity and sense of belonging in a safe and secure environment.

We provide frequent updates to our Kuna Board of Trustees about Strategic Plan projects underway in the district.  

Continuous Improvement Plan

The State of Idaho requires districts to complete an annual Continuous Improvement Plan. This document can be found here