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Substitute Teachers

Join the KSD team as a SUBSTITUTE!

You can impact a child's future by becoming a substitute for the Kuna School District.

As a substitute, you can:

  • Earn extra income
  • Set your own schedule
  • Serve your community's children and schools
  • Support a teacher on leave
  • Gain valuable transferable experience that can translate to other career opportunities

This page provides information on qualifications, training provided, pay & more!



Staff   Teacher and students reading

What's it like to be a Sub?

Meet three of our subs in these short videos:  

Alicia Cotterell


Jack Ingram

Kim Kirkham

The Hiring Process


  • Substitute teachers work in the classroom with students, supporting teachers on leave.
  • Aides will work under the direction of a teacher in the classroom.
  • Substitute teachers and aides must have a high school diploma or equivalent and pass a background check. 


  • Substitutes in Kuna are paid by the day at the rate below:
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: $95 a day. 
  • Mondays and Fridays: $120 a day. 
  • Long-term assignments 10 or more consecutive days for an individual teacher on leave will qualify for a higher rate.


  • Idaho state law requires all school district employees to be fingerprinted and undergo a background check to be allowed to work in a public school.  
  • After you apply, you will be contacted to come to the district office for digital fingerprinting. The cost is $28.25. If paying in cash, please bring the exact amount as we cannot make change. 

Required Training

Our substitutes greatly appreciate the STEDI online training we require, which covers:

  • classroom management
  • teaching strategies; 
  • information about special education & more!

If you are not a certified or retired teacher, you must complete the STEDI SubSkills Training Course with a composite passing score of 85%. 

We reimburse the $39.95 cost of this course after an individual completes one full day of substitute teaching for the district!


How to Sign Up 

  • Go to the STEDI website and choose "SHOP" at the top of the screen.
  • Select your SubSkills training option, and Add to Cart. (The Kuna School District requires a "Sub Diploma" with a passing score of 85%.)
  • Proceed to Checkout.
  • Please contact with any questions or issues you may have regarding the course or registration.

After completing, the STEDI SubSkills training course, email Deann Greany at


Job Shadow

Can I shadow someone to see if I'd like it? 

Yes. Most of our current subs welcome the opportunity for someone to learn about the job by shadowing them when they are on assignment. Contact Deann Greany at 208-922-1000 to set up a job shadow. 

Finding jobs & setting schedules

Set up Smart Find Express

SmartFind Express


SmartFind Express is the system teachers use to request a substitute and substitutes use to accept jobs and manage their schedules.  

To set up your account, you will need to first:

  • Use this phone number: 1 (844) 350-1566
  • Use the credentials provided by the district


Contact Deann Greany (208) 922-1000 or email

Is there an app?

Yes after setting up your account, you can download and set up the Smart

Setting your schedule

Smart Find Express setup

Our district uses a system called SmartFind Express for substitutes to accept jobs and manage your schedule and availability.

Using SmartFind Express, substitutes can customize how they want to be notified of jobs by email or phone.

Substitutes also can choose what openings they want to fill and they can identify days they cannot work. 

Can I substitute at my child's school only? Yes

Can I substitute only on specific days i.e. Mondays & Fridays? Yes

I am unavailable on a specific day because of another commitment or job, can I block notifications for that day? Yes

Need more information?

Email us at