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Capital Plan Task Force

Capital Plan Task Force

Capital Plan Task Force.  This advisory committee began its work in January 2022 and is charged with providing recommendations to the Kuna Board of Trustees about current and future facility needs.  The work of the group is led by Superintendent Wendy Johnson and Director of Student Services Brian Graves.  

➡️ Review the group's agendas and meeting information here.

➡️ Review the group's July 2022 Update to the Kuna Board of Trustees here.

➡️ Review the group's November 2022 Recommendations to the Kuna School Board of Trustees here. Note: The Board adopted Recommendation B. 


Task Force members include:


  • Alex Beal, Parent
  • Alicia Cotterell, Parent/Supt. Advisory
  • Bre Martin, Parent
  • Brian Reczek, Parent/Supt. Advisory
  • Brian Taylor, Church leader
  • Chris Murgel, retired KSD educator
  • Eleanor Hurst, Realtor
  • Janeil Wardell, Parent
  • Josefina Miller, Parent
  • Kristi Hardy, Parent/Supt. Advisory
  • Laura Anderson, Parent
  • Mike Wiedenfeld, retired KSD educator
  • Neil Durrant, Parent and farmer
  • Ryan Keeler, Parent
  • Sallie McArthur, Parent
  • Tom Fahey, Community Member

Elected Officials and City Representatives

  • Joe Stear, Mayor of Kuna
  • Morgan Treasure, Economic Development
  • Russ Johnson, KSD Trustee

School & District Staff

  • Allison Westfall, Communications Director
  • Anita Edwards, Teacher
  • Adriana Sanchez, Migrant Coordinator
  • Brian Graves, Director of School Services
  • Deb McGrath, Testing Coordinator & Preschool Administrator
  • Elmira Feather, CFO
  • Justine Burgess, Hubbard Administrator
  • Kevin Gifford, Reed Principal / Elementary Coordinator
  • Kevin Lindquist, Maintenance Supervisor
  • Kim Bekkedahl, Asst. Supt for Student Services
  • Mark Thayer, Information Tech Administrator
  • Robbie Reno, SFHS Lead Building Admin
  • Tammy Merithew, GIS Coordinator
  • Tim Jensen, FMS Principal / Middle School Coordinator
  • Tracy Donaldson, Vice Principal
  • Travis Edwards, Agriculture Teacher
  • Wendy Johnson, Superintendent

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