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Student Teaching

Student Teaching in the Kuna School District

If you are interested in pursuing a student teaching placement in the Kuna School District, please, follow the procedure outlined below. This process is designed to help you secure a meaningful and enriching experience as a student teacher.

Research Potential Schools:

Begin by researching which schools in our district align with your educational goals and preferences. The Kuna School District consists of 6 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 1 alternative high school, and 2 high schools.

Compile Application Materials:

Prepare a comprehensive application packet that includes:

  • A well-crafted cover letter expressing your interest in student teaching.
  • A current resume highlighting your education, relevant coursework, and any related experience.
  • A list of references, including professors or previous employers who can speak to your qualifications.

Contact the Principal:

Identify the principal of the school where you would like to complete your student teaching placement. A contact is listed below for each school. Craft a professional and polite email introducing yourself and expressing your interest in completing your student teaching placement at their school. Attach your application packet to the email.

Follow Up:

If you don't receive a response within a week, consider sending a polite follow-up email. Reiterate your interest and express your eagerness to discuss the possibility of a student teaching placement.

Prepare for an Interview:

If the principal expresses interest, be prepared for an interview. Research common interview questions for student teaching placements and be ready to discuss your educational philosophy, relevant experiences, and what you hope to gain from the placement.

Visit the School:

If possible, schedule a visit to the school to familiarize yourself with the environment. This will demonstrate your proactive approach and further reinforce your interest in the school.

Confirm Placement Details:

Once the school has confirmed your student teaching placement, please apply to be a substitute teacher. We require all of our student teachers to be hired as a substitute teacher.

Remember to remain professional, courteous, and enthusiastic throughout the process. Good luck with your student teaching placement!