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Getting involved

The Kuna School District Board or Superintendent may appoint advisory committees to consider matters of district­wide importance, increase communication with the public, and provide for citizen involvement.

These are not always permanent committees and do not relieve the Board of its legal responsibility to make final decisions about district matters. 

Board Committees

  • Capital Plan Task Force - This advisory committee began its work in January 2022 and is charged with providing recommendations to the Board about current and future facility needs.  
  • Calendar Committee - This committee works throughout the school year to make recommendations to the board for the school year calendars. 
  • Policy Advisory Committee - An advisory committee chaired by Director Brian Graves that consists of Board members, parents, employees, and a student, to help make recommendations on KSD Policy to the Board of Trustees.

Superintendent Committees

Collaborations and Negotiations

Board Members on Committees:

Hillary Lowe
Trustee Zone 1

  • Policy Advisory Committee


JD Grant
Trustee Zone 2

  • Safety Committee

Kyrsti Bruce
Trustee Zone 3

  • Calendar Committee
  • Growth Committee
  • Policy Advisory Committee

Kim Nixon
Trustee Zone 4

  • Strategic Planning


Michael Thornton
Trustee Zone 5

  • Negotiations Committee