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Kuna Youth Council Home

The purpose of the Kuna Youth Council is to give young people the chance to discuss relevant issues, engage with decision-makers, and contribute to improving the lives of young people within their communities.

Kuna Youth Council group photo

Kuna Youth Council Members

Ashlyn Edmondson, 7 Britton Wheeler, 8 Alexis Cox, 12 Chris Bruce, Councilman
Hanson Kramer, 7 Jaylee Durrant, 6 Angelena Gill, 11 Matt Biggs, Councilman
Paxton Bruce, 7 Tove Kropp, 7 Anyssa Service, 9 Wendy Johnson, Superintendent
    Emmaleigh Wright, 10  
    Granite Stephens,12  
    Hannah Young, 10  
    Harrison Kramer, 9  
    Hazel Stephens, 9  
    Hyrum Heindel 10  
    Kannen Kraus,11  
    Olivia Long, 9  
    Owen Nease, 9  
    Reagan Winn,10  
Collage of pictures of Kuna Youth Council